Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Evacomics at Comic Fiesta 2014, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I didn't plan to go Comic Fiesta initially because I was uncertain how to bring my books there by myself and nobody to help look after the booth when I am not around. Strangely, one week before CF, I met Shawn (artist) from Draw Slowly and Mark (writer) from Temploy during Bookmate's launch event and they were going to CF to launch their crowdfunding comic project: "Silent War". They offered to share their booth with me so yup, off I go!!!

Unfortunately, I fell ill on Boxing day and travelled there as a sick bird... (P.S. I couldn't drink a lot of water because I worry about jam and difficulty finding toilets along the highway...) I hitched a free ride in my friend's parents car because they planned to go KL anyway so I could get free lodging too :)

We reached KL around 12.30pm but we were lost in KLCC carpark because we didn't know that the convention centre was another building =_=
Luckily I made it on time to meet Malaysian comic blogger Ernest Ng from Bro, don't like that la, bro. We got to know each other through Miao.

I bought his book during BookFest and I finally got his signature! :D
Yup, being a full time comic artist is not easy!!!

And yes, he also acts in Dan Khoo's youtube videos (the guy standing next to me).

Several of my fans were also cosplayers and it was fun looking at their costumes and taking photos together. I also received a very cute drawing (I have boobs, yeah!) from Yoshiki and I placed it on my shelf now. A fan also gave me a packet of lozenges but I forgot to take photo with us together!!! oTz....  I am very touched for the support and concern you all give me :)))

Of course, there were also mean friends who dropped by to make fun of my mask...

I am very happy to meet my fans in Malaysia and wished that I could talk more. Although it was a last minute gate crash, I managed to sell a total of 56 books with help from my booth mates when I wasn't around. If you had missed this, you can still get my book from Kinokuniya KLCC (I went down personally to check, they had one last copy), Borders or MPHonline. Malaysia Popular might  still be reluctant in placing any order so you might have to keep emailing them to enquire.

I will end with a cool video done by Mark (writer) for their "Silent War" crowdfunding project. I had supported them too because Shawn's artwork is very detailed and his stories are very interesting. Please consider crowdfunding their project: https://www.crowdtivate.com/projects/view/3266

Thank you to my fans in Malaysia, 
hope to see you all again!!! ^o^


  1. Oh no I miss it! :( But you do have fans at Malaysia :)

    1. Thank you!!! I was surprised that I can still be recognized while wearing my mask and buying bento at Isetan KLCC, or maybe thanks to my shirt :P

  2. Thank you so much for coming down >_< as well as taking a photo of me. May I use that photo to promote you via my page? :D

    1. Sure Jake, I am very happy to take photos with my fans too :)))
      Happy New Year!



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