Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lingerie Theft at laundromat in Japan

Lingerie Theft in Japan at laundromat
Based on true story, but luckily not mine. My friend did everything as usual, put in all her clothes and then come back an hour later to take them out. Everything was fine, except, all of her "private collection" were missing.

Another case happened to my gaijin (foreigner) girl friend, but not at the laundromat but at her backyard. She lived on the first floor and put her lingerie to dry out one night. Unfortunately, someone went over the fences and stole her entire "showroom pieces".

If I'm not wrong, Japan is the only country with some sick people going around to steal underwear at laundromats, backyards and veranda.... =_=;;

Update: According to fans in Malaysia, their underwear can also get stolen if left at the backyard...hmm...


  1. Wow, that's bad D:.
    Maybe to add a poo sticker to the private collection to discourage the thief.
    (Not tested yet)

  2. Old man Happosai is real!

    So Ranma might be lurking around as well hahaha (good series...good memories from when I was a kid hehehe)

    1. Haha that was exactly what I thought... Happosai is REAL!!!

  3. One piece of my underwear was stolen only once for all my life. It is very funny but it happens in Japan in 2011 from hotel room. It was quite expensive running garment, which I dropped on a floor in my room after jogging. I am not sure if it was stolen, or janitor just disposed it as garbage. :lol:

    Life is much easier if You are wearing male underwear. Please, consider it as advice :P

    ewww ...

    1. Male underwear is not cute enough. I miss Victoria's Secret Pink :P



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