Friday, July 4, 2014

Book Launch and Signing at Makers' Block Festival

Many thanks to my fans and friends for coming down to support my book launch at the Makers' Block Festival!!! Currently on-going till 7th July at Suntec City Mall level 2!

Yes, I know many of you got lost (like me?). So after you enter Suntec from the MRT, simply go up the escalator and turn in when you see Cocoa Trees on the 2nd floor!

You will see me welcoming you at the entrance!

I was the very first one to setup! Books were fresh from the press!!!

My standee characters made it on time too!!!

Book signing during the first two days.

Awesome support from fans, thank you!!! :"D

Talked about my journey and challenges faced by an artist on Friday (27/6).

I didn't have enough time to edit my presentation so it was a big draggy. Nevertheless, I was very touched that some fans showed up specially for me :D

Thank you so much! :~)

Fresh flowers from my artist friends to congratulate me for my first book ^-^

Lovely selfies with fans!!! Thank you for sending your photos to me!!! :P

T-shirt making workshop (29/6)
I also conducted 2 joint workshops with Leon from "Touch and Print" on Heat Transfer on Sunday. Participants got to choose a design from me and many chose Matcha. Surprisingly, girls like to get big sizes to wear as PJ!

Books and Goods on sale!

Mugs and T-shirts were completely sold out during the second day so I replenished new stock on Wednesday late afternoon! If you had already bought the book and would like to buy the original goods at special price, please bring the book/receipt down again!

This is the new price list for the shirts!

I will be around again this weekend (5 & 6th Jul) 
3-4pm for signing and photo-taking!

If you miss it, there's also a Kinokuniya launch next Sat!



  1. Hahah wow, so cool, so celebrity like signing books and all. I congratulate you Eva!

    1. Thank you so much Creepo! (spent a lot too) lol

  2. Thanks for singing my book and nice to meet you in person too :)

    1. Thanks Gordon for your support! Happy to see all my fans in person too!

  3. Congratulation Eva!! You've earn it!! :D Hopefully your books will be selling at Malaysia ;)

  4. I can't wait to get a copy of your book! It looks fantastic! :)

    1. Thank you Grace! Interesting blog you have there too!



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