Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Evacomics at STGCC

Evacomics at STGCC social media and comics
Thank you very much to all my fans who came down to visit my booth and hear me talk at STGCC! Also special thanks to the organizer for inviting me as guest and giving us a stage time for our "Social Media and Comics" panel discussion! (Above photo from Ink Fusion Studios )

Evacomics at STGCC social media and comics
Here was our one-hour stage of fame together with Daiyaku, Ink Fusion and Badly Drawn Comics. I was the facilitator and panicked a bit because there wasn't enough time for our panel discussion and we over-ran by 10 mins... OOPS!

evacomics doraemon stgcc
Before us was Shogakukan, publisher of the famous Doraemon! He endorsed my book!!! XD

evacomics doraemon stgcc
Backstage photo-taking!!! (We wondered who was inside the costume...)

evacomics stgcc
Here is my Guest pass and Auntie-looking photo on the brochure.

As a guest, I had media slots to receive interview from media. I wonder if they will write about me in the end... hmm...

 Here was my messy booth sharing with Ink Fusion!
 My photographer/comic artist friend! I will try to get my own booth next year!

Online friend Kenneth, who used to be DJ of UFM 100.3 came to say hi and bought my postcards because my comic book was sold out! He's now with channel 8 ;)

Many of my ex-students also came down to say hi and bought my stuff to support! Sorry if I cannot remember some of you (bad memory...).

I tried to buy as many stuff as I could to support my friends and neighbours. But sometimes their booths are too crowded so I skipped... sorry!

The best part of STGCC was that I sold out all 80 copies of my comic book! I think I could have sold up to 120 copies if I had more. I really under-estimated the power of comic fans who visit STGCC. To date, 500 copies had been snapped from my hands since the first time I see them in late June. These 500 copies does not include those sold via major bookstores. Heck, I haven't even go to schools yet! (For complete list of places selling my books and those with international shipping please visit my homepage here)

Unfortunately Matcha cat cushions faired rather average (although I managed to clear a big bag full). I suspect that it was because most visitors were guys so they don't fancy these plushie. Nevertheless, you can still buy them for $29.90 at Simplifi3D, or $25 when you bring my book along as proof of purchase.

231 Bain Street #02-93
Bras Basah Complex
Singapore 180231
Mon - Sat (10am - 6pm)
*Books are also available there for $19.90

I might be putting them online too, stay tuned!



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