Monday, December 29, 2014

Something good about Singapore

So I'll end off the comics for this year with a good thing about my home country, and yes, it does feel good to be back home :)

I'll be posting about my experience at Comic Fiesta tomorrow! ;)


  1. Yup, You should also add strip with bombs and bullets flying on the 'other' side.

    He-he, looks like the hot summer is over in S-pore, so You can sit and enjoy tea. I think that it is time to send You some chocolates then :lol:

    Being at home is great thing ... good one.


    1. Hehe, you guessed the content of my next strip!!!

      I can't eat chocolates now because of sore throat, so just send me your well-wishes (which I received already :) will do.
      Thank you so much Ewww!!!



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