Monday, December 22, 2014

Odd Japanese English: Half

Odd Japanese English half
Ok, this one is not very odd, but it sounds like ordering something at Subway... half-sandwich please! ...and half-salad, half-pasta...


  1. He-he, half Japanese ... sounds very cool.

    Did You ever heard any racist jokes toward You in Japan?
    I heard several times something like: 'Watch Your staff, especially
    if Chinese people near'; or 'Japanese people doesn't break law,
    only chinese'. Kinda weird.

    Some people are very fixed on racist things. Like once
    I was showing directions to my friend, and told him to stay close
    to that 'black' car, I was surprised that he started chaseing another
    white car. When I asked him why, he pointed for a black guy driving it . :lol:

    Thanks, good one

    ewww ...

    1. I didn't experience too much racist problem because I look like a Japanese...
      But then again some Japanese like my scholarship office forced us to follow Japanese way that I hated.

      I don't consider following a black guy car racist. Racist to me is like when someone walking on the street (when i was in SF) and shouted at me to go back to China. Or when me and my Taiwanese friend tried to rent an apartment and the manager didn't want to because we were Chinese... or the French chef chasing us for the tips after we left only to realise we had already given him...

    2. You are right about racism, but that kind racism You tell us is aggressive racism.

      In described situation following black guy was also racism. You know, it is old psychological test, when they show You different shapes with mixed pattern, which makes problems to choose right one. There was very easy to pickup black car based on car colour, but my friend prefer to follow black guy driving white car, he did it automatically without thinking, because word black is deeply associated with skin color in his brains. It is very deep and most common type of racism.

      Glad to see You :)




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