Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Setsuden under the Summer heat 炎熱中的節電

With temperatures rising high from today onwards towards the peak of summer, the government is starting to advise people to be careful of heatstroke while in "setsuden" (cutting excessive electricity usage). In fact, hundreds throughout Japan die from heatstroke each year, most of them being elderly folks left accidentally behind in cars or suffocated in their own rooms while sleeping without air conditioning.

I'm often asked to choose between Tokyo and Singapore, which has the more unbearable heat? Japanese believe that Singapore should be much worse and uncomfortable because we're sitting just next to the equator. True, Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year but there're some things that we have but they don't: 1)Fully air-conditioned Train Stations (and some bus interchanges), 2)Sheltered Walkways, 3)Air-conditioned Shopping Malls and 4)Freezing Offices.

You may think that these are tiny factors but they greatly reduced our exposure to heat when we're out of our homes. I also seldom hear of people who had died of heatstroke. So my answer to them: "Tokyo is worse!"

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