Friday, June 17, 2011

Japan Good Design: Food wrappings 日本的零食包裝

Yes, I LOVE SNACKS! Sweet stuff too, but not those that're incredibly sweet. I'm a great fan of their cookies because they not only look good, but tastes good too! What amazed me was that almost every snack that they have are individually wrapped and easy to open. This is convenient for those like me who stay alone or wants to control their diet by not eating too many cookies at once.


One of my favorite salty snack is the Doraemon-look-alike corn stick snack, cheap too!

Even their onigiri (rice with fillings, wrapped in seaweed) has special wrapper design to retain the seaweed's crispiness. The seaweed will only touch the rice after you'd opened the wrapper! My favorite is tuna mayonnaise and they cost just 105yen in most convenient stores.


  1. 很多東西都很甜說, 另我氣憤的是為啥日本人都吃不胖!? @@"

    By Chris

  2. Chris: 哈哈,因為大多數都搭電車!從家門到車站有一段距離,而且很多車站都沒電梯。應該是因為這樣吧?跟甜食無關~



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