Friday, June 3, 2011

Battle of the Tissue Papers 面紙之戰

I'd been taking these tissue papers from the sales people outside my university. In fact, I had finished using 4 packs of these but still continued to take them whenever I can. However it was only today that I noticed that these tissue papers are from 2 rival schools mimicking each other's design!

I wonder how effective they are because the only time that these tissue papers influenced my purchase was when BicCamera had a 100yen coupon attached to it! Will this marketing work outside of Japan? I seriously doubt so especially in Singapore, where we just take them because they're free and don't care about what's written on it!


不知道花那麼多錢製作這些面紙有多大的效果?因為我唯一一次因為面紙而去消費的時候,是當biccamera附上了一張100yen的折扣券時:P  不知道這種昂貴的促銷在日本外會有效果嗎?我覺得很難,因為例如在新加坡,我們都不讀上面的字,只要是免費的我們都拿!


  1. I think its just like fliers. Do fliers work in Singapore? Most people who take it just chuck it in the next nearest bin. But otherwise to SOME people the advertising does appeal to their interests.

    I believe in subtle advertising too XD Like, I may see ads of something every now and then and not need it at all. But when I do need it sometimes it pops up in my head "Oh! I remember there's ABCXYZ thathas pretty good rates" XDD

  2. Yeah, I bring those fliers back home to put inside the recycle bag =_=
    The fliers I like most are those with coupons on it XD



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