Friday, March 4, 2011

My current key word: Frugality 節儉是美德

(Cont. Rental Nightmare in Tokyo) After my battle with the evil property agent and management company, my dormitory staff recommended me to extend my stay here and then look for apartments/mansions slowly. This is much better than paying a huge sum upfront (4 months rent) for an apartment that I didn't get to see and with the fishy management company not returning any deposit. So instead of sayonara to 270,000yen (SG$4,2000) for a place I didn't get to view, it is better to spend a bit more, but to a place that I could actually see first.

I accepted her kind offer and turned down my contract with the fishy property management company. This whole experience had made me realize one thing: that I hadn't been frugal enough. I'd been spending money too mindlessly and not saving enough for rainy days. More importantly, I'd underestimated the cost of renting a Tokyo mansion (concrete-built apartment in Japanese term) near my university within the great ring of fire (Yamanote line). On top of that, there's new/used furniture cost, electrical appliances and moving fees.

Although I have to continue my endurance with the dorm's filthy public toilets, dirty washrooms and moldy shower-rooms, I'm relieved that the rent here is cheap, the staff are nice, and I could slowly save up (3-5months) more money to prepare for the next battle.






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