Thursday, March 24, 2011

15mins of fame 15分鐘的閃亮亮

Through some connections from the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore, I was linked up for a brief interview on national TV live show Good Morning Singapore. With me was another renowned Singaporean make up artist, who was in Chiba when the quake happened, and a psychologist. The main topic was about dealing with post-crisis psychological management. (Sorry, I don't have a psychological trauma XD)

Price of Dad's gasoline: unknown
Price of transport back home by bus: $1.21
Price of being on screen: priceless (Ok wait, I think it costs $3000, but only 30 more web visitors at 8am)

My family and I tried to find people with DVD or HD recorder to help record the interview but wow, it seems that nobody bothers to record anything these days, especially now that you can watch your dramas and variety shows online. My mum had to even mobilize her auntie network, but to no avail. In the end, we used the most primitive method, aim the camera to shoot the TV...

Catch the original comic strip here.

Update 1st April: Thanks to my mum's auntie network, we managed to get a DVD record of the entire show! Hence I'd replaced the footage with the clearer one :P





  1. wow u r on tv hahahaas...too bad i wasn't at home watching it work haiz..hope my mum got tape for me hahaha

  2. fuzz: Wa good leh, your VCR is still working. Mine is already spoilt for a few years and still sitting there!

    Fernando: Thanks! :)

  3. Awesome!! Were you nervous? hehehehe. Do you have a video of the full interview? :D :D

  4. kee: Haha, a bit nervous, especially when I can't see my own shot, blocked by camera. My seat was the least important one, not famous not pretty, what to do XD ?

    The whole interview was actually quite boring except when Andy(the make-up artist) described how he felt and what he saw at Chiba. Moreover my video is cheapo quality, shot with digicam pointing to tv. Nobody got a better video so far...

  5. 我只有看到25秒耶?

  6. austin: 網站放的都是連續劇和熱門綜藝節目...

  7. 挖~~~EVA姊紅了!!~~

  8. hahahaha! Hey you know it's been like at least 10 years since we last met, and you never change sia. Must be got eat some elixir or something XD

    And it's so awesome your comic is shown on tv too XDDD If only such tv programs have repeats (like CNA) :(

  9. 小卓:哈哈,暫時暫時...XDDD

    kee: HAHA, what do you mean I didn't change? More pretty la ok!? Got repeat show! Right after the original program. I just got a DVD copy from my mum's auntie network XDDD Maybe can share it in Facebook after I know how to extract the video...



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