Monday, March 28, 2011

Ganbare Higashi Nippon!!! 加油日本

My Japanese scholarship association decided to include the theme of "Ganbare Higashi Nippon!" into our quarterly newsletter to motivate fellow Japanese to overcome this series of disasters. Instead of writing messages, I chose to drew up this poster in hope that it will "ganbare" (cheer up) the people in eastern Japan in a more visual way and impact.

Although I didn't quite enjoy my stay in Japan, I'm still very keen to research on Japanese indie comic artists in Tokyo. I pray that Japan will recover soon from her unfortunate earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear disasters, and hope that the people of Japan will be able to stand united and strong to restore their nation to her former glory.



  1. 希望日本早日度過難關


  2. 小卓: 唉~也不知道他們的核洩漏會拖多久。日本就是做事情太循規蹈矩,很慢(還是我們新加坡人太快了)。高科技的目前只有機器人算世界首位。但是偏偏沒研究一些有用的,最後還是得靠外國的機器人來解決問題...



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