Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stinky dorm 髒寮

If you think that girls keep their places clean and tidy all the time, you are wrong! In fact in our international dormitory, kitchens and wash basins at the girls' floor are even more dirty than the guys'. Besides lacking in hygiene, some lack common sense as well. Eggs, curry, mushrooms, vegetables, rice, seeds, and even plastic wrappers are some typical recipe to our dirty sink mixed dish. Even the filter inside the kitchen sink was never emptied by the culprits themselves, causing the sink to be clogged all the time.


After much abuse and mindless usage, the accumulated sludge had finally unleashed its superpower by making it completely stuck. Now we can't use it at all, no thanks to those few inconsiderate girls whom we can't seem to track down unless a CCTV is installed.


Because I can't stand this s*** anymore, we made a poster and asked the office if we could paste it smack center on top of the mirror. Here's our latest masterpiece installation:


  1. Hahahaha! Welcome to Overseas student world~~! Im lucky as im able to stay with a few friends who like cleanliness when studying in aust. Ever heard that some left the dishes in the sink for a couple of days and if you want to use it, you got to clear the dishes. Imagine the horrible smell~~! Hope your dorm people will be more considerate from now on.

  2. weren't you with a homestay family? D: dorms are scary. |:

  3. 這樣是太離譜吧~

  4. 太誇張了


  5. That's awesome... I mean the poster.

  6. hui: Haha, correction, it should be overseas student dorm world! That's why when I was in USA, I always share an apartment with 1 or 2 girls. This time I had no choice because of the scholarship, darn!

    Rachel: No dear, the homestay was only for 4 days (sob and sigh). Dorms are a terrible place.

    Zero: 廁所也很髒...

    yan: 算了吧,我還是專心詛咒他們... ...

    parka: Yeah, I should have framed it!

  7. guys i need help i'm going to study in japan and i don't know what to do about the accomodations , you already scared the hell out of me, is it really that bad?? i mean dorms.

  8. Anonymous: Well staying in the dorm is the most convenient and cheapest. It's bad but I wouldn't worry that much because I had been staying here for 7 months while others had been through it for 1.5 years. Since we can do it, so can you. It's a matter of tolerance VS money, so if you have money to spare, get an apartment outside or at least a dorm room with own bath and toilet. If not, just bear with it XD

  9. Nearly 3 years later I catch this pearl...OMG poor you! I can´t believe you had to live thru this! I can´t...I really can´t imagine what I would do in that situation, like...go out in a killing spree? Set out traps? ignore it (not an option, I mean how can you ingore THAT)

    1. LOL, yes when I wrote these I wasn't very famous, so only my friends read about it. (Though I'm still not famous 3 years later... which is a bit worrying...)

      The traps didn't work, oh boy were they too smart for that! So eventually I smacked them one by one and had to keep all food out of my tiny room. I finally moved out 4 months later!
      If there's a chance, I will draw about it XD



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