Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stinky Dorm 2 髒寮

You may have remembered when I just moved into my international dorm, it was shockingly dirty. Then, there were the dirty sinks. But what I didn't mention earlier, was that either 1 or 2 girls in my floor, out of nearly 30 tenants, has been constantly dirtying the toilets by leaving her sh*t and urine around the toilet bowl!


I am particular about hygiene and this drives me insane. Complains to the admin office proved futile, so I finally resorted to draw a poster in hope to attract the culprit's attention into changing her inconsiderate habits.

Even with numerous posters pasted inside the cubicles, the culprit had ignored them. I am not sure if my poster would work, but I'd done my best. I hope all tenants be trained into keeping public places clean!


  1. It will be hard to believe if the culprit happens to be a Japanese.
    Hope U get to shift to someplace with some nice & clean tenants soon. ^_^/

  2. hui: Nah, I live in an international dorm. So only 1 RA(resident assistant) from each floor is a Japanese. I'm still wondering if I should move or stay in this dirty dorm. Here is really cheap and the apartments outside are really expensive... (in dilemma)

  3. 真是誇張的行為


  4. Wahhhhh~~ so sad!! I tink U should take a bucket of water when U go toilet for the time being. Hopefully a better solution will come along or whoever did it is going home soon. Jia you jia you!

  5. austin: 可能不是他們不要裝,而是沒錢裝...-_-

    hui: Ya! I hope that culprit is leaving the dorm soon!!! But you know, one gone and don't know who else is coming in for the new tenancy.



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