Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Webinar about Social Media Marketing for Artists and Entrepreneurs

I had been procrastinating to do a webinar about how I increased my fanbase from only 600 Facebook likes in 2012 to 68,000 likes now without paying for any FB ads. Luckily my procrastination stopped when Mark Koh from Temploy asked me to do a webinar for his company as a reward for their crowdfunding campaign: Skillup 2015. Skillup is a free two-days event for youths to be inspired and learn about jobs outside the norm, such as part-time jobs, creative jobs as well as becoming entrepreneurs.

I know Mark Koh from one of his networking events and he is also a writer together with my comic artist friend, Shawn Siow, for their new book "Silent War". If you read my blog last year, you would know that they actually let me share their booth at Comic Fiesta, Kuala Lumpur.

My Webinar
Ok, I admit, it was my first time making a webinar so it was a bit draggy at times and totalled at around 68mins. I split the webinar into three parts: 1) Introduction, 2) Strategy and Execution, and 3) Case Study.
Part 1: Introduction (30min)
There is a brief introduction about myself before introduction to social media. This part is for people who are new into social media marketing so I explained about its importance, what is it about and the channels available for you to choose from. I also made a side-by-side comparison table for you to analyse which platforms you can choose based on different criteria. This is important because we do not have a lot of time nor money to hire someone to maintain our channels so we have to be very selective.

Basically if you are already familiar with many of them, you could probably skip this.

Part 2: Strategy and Execution (22min)
This part is where I talk about a framework that I came out with called "ATUK Framework" to explain how to go about doing your social media marketing. This framework was developed because  I often get questions about how to boost Facebook likes, but the most important steps are to analyse what is your niche/expert area and knowing your target well. For those who do not know their niche area, I recommend using the SWOT analysis. 

atuk framework social media marketing evacomics

Next, I touched about the best times to update and an in-depth talk about the Facebook algorithm. I also addressed the problems that page owners are facing now due to the cutting down of organic reach. Although many of us dislike Facebook now because of this, we have to admit that majority of us still use it. So since this is where your customers/readers might hang out in, we cannot let it go. Of course, I recommended opening other channels too for diversification of risk and reaching to more target audiences.

I also added my own 10 personal tips complete with screen captures to elaborate my points.

Part 3: Case Study (15min)
The last part is where I introduce how I treated Evacomics like a business, complete with mission statement, goal and strategy.

Of course, KPI included to check if my strategy was working!

I hope this gave you more idea on what to expect from my webinar! Temploy's crowdfunding campaign is currently on-going now till early March and you should receive a link from them to access my webinar on 1st March when the crowdfunding is over on 9th Mar. Of course, do hurry because only 50 slots are offered and only 32 left now!


  1. Eva-san,

    Glad to hear that You are progressing in that direction, which I think is right thing :)

    Two thing I'd like to notice: it is quite creepy to watch Your scull open with such a brain inside .... I mean, one half is red and another is blue ....


    1. HAHA I thought that was a clever illustration with reference to the matrix too :P



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