Monday, February 23, 2015

Mail service in different countries

I think Japan has the best postal service. I almost lost my parcel in Singapore when the post lady did not go up to my unit and left the non-delivery slip on the parcel itself. Because there was no notification in my mailbox nor doorstep, I continued to wait for 2 days at home until I thought it was strange and went online to check. Luckily I managed to check on the last day that I can collect my parcel before it was returned to sender. Fortunately the post lady at my parent's home was much better and even recognised a wrong address and delivered it correctly to us!


  1. He-he, the same here. Personally I hate FedEx, because it is lamest delivery service ever. All other services in states are good for me. I like that postman could left parcel or mail near door, and nobody will steal it.

    What do I not like is waiting a postman all day long. Some packages requires a signature or identity check. :(

    Good one.

    ewww ...

    1. Oops sorry I always use registered mail for your packages because I want to make sure it reaches to your hands ;)



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