Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday sketch comics (yoga and fitness)

yoga crow duck pose comics cartoon manga
You might have noticed that I am starting to upload comics that are not Japanese-related to diversify my topics and not bore myself with everything Japanese...

workout fitness gym comics cartoon manga
 The comic above was well-recieved on FB, unexpectedly... must be because of my cute belly.

hot yoga gym workout fitness comics cartoon manga
Seriously... I survived 2 hot yoga sessions (back to back), I thought I almost fainted...
Special thanks to Yoga Inc for the sponsor!

dieting workout fitness comics cartoon manga

facebook is terrible
Last of all, FB is still blocking my blogspot url as unsafe despite Trendmicro saying my site is perfectly safe:

I reported countless times to FB over the past 2 weeks but to no vail. I wonder why they marked my blog as unsafe... maybe because I never paid for an ad but still have a high traffic? Or a deliberate attempt to block their competitor's services? Nevertheless, my last resort is to use a custom domain name, and I hope they don't block that too!!!


  1. Amazing post!! You know I just love your sketch comics. This sketch comic on yoga workout is really very interesting dear. Well, I don’t know why the mark your blog as unsafe. I think using a custom domain name will definitely solve your problem.

    1. Thanks Daniel! I was afraid that they will ban my custom domain name too. So as an experiment, I paid for two Facebook ads at $1 each and it solved my problem!



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