Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review of Yoga Inc.

yoga inc. singapore hot yoga
As you can see from my recent comics, I had developed this yoga craze and been going to yoga classes every week. I am very happy that Yoga Inc. invited me over to give their classes a try.

Their address is
100 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718

If lady boss Bitter Stickgirl a.k.a. Ashley is there, you will see their cute mascot Ah Bui! Don't worry if you are scared of dogs, just let her know and she will restrict him within the reception desk. Just remember to take your shoes off when you enter!

You can also find lots of yoga mats and buy some fashionable yoga wear too!

They also sell ice-cream, drinks and even fresh coconut, perfect after doing hot yoga~

Want a quick healthy bite? They've got apples, bananas and yoghurt bars too, very healthy!

yoga inc. singapore hot yoga
They have 3 yoga studios of different sizes and are not air-conditioned. Despite this, I found the studios quite cooling because of the natural ventilation when the doors are open. This is good for people like me who have sinus problem because cold dry air is not good for our noses...

The lounge area is pretty comfortable with a water cooler that also dispenses hot water too.

There are both male and female changing rooms.

The female changing room is quite spacious with a small cubicle with curtains for those who want more privacy.

There are hairdryers, cotton buds and tissue paper. The plastic wrappers are for you to dabao bring back your sweaty clothes after workout :)

There are around 36 lockers available and the size is big enough for most bags.

However you have to bring your own lock or borrow a lock from the counter.

Yes, the lady boss made sure that all women are well taken care of ;)

The shower rooms are clean and nicely equipped with hooks to hang your clothes. Handheld showers are installed so you can wash your whole body easily. Body soap and shampoo are supplied and they smell great too!

Benefits of Practicing Yoga
  • Ever since I practice yoga regularly, my shoulder and neck pain has been relieved a lot.
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Lose weight (very vain but important)
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Make new friends :P
  • Inspired me to make more comics!

How Yoga Inc. is Different From Other Gym
  • Hot yoga studios are really much warmer!
  • Natural ventilation
  • Experienced and friendly teachers so you can approach them for any questions.
  • Friendly receptionist and cute dog, like a big family.
  • They have a wide range of classes from Basic to Inversion, so you can attend their classes even when you are a beginner or had practiced yoga for many years.
  • Prebook classes so you don't have to fight for your slots.

Lady boss is also the comic artist behind "Bitter Stickgirl" and so we exchanged our books!

I fell in love with their yoga so much that I proposed that we do a collaboration to help raise money for charity and do yoga with my fans. It will take place on International Women's Day (三八婦女節) All proceeds will be split between the Singapore Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Foundation. There are 30 seats available and I am selling tickets now through peatix. If you want, you can also bring cash on that day. However only those who bought on peatix has confirmed seatings. If you bring cash and the class is over-subscribed on that day, you may have to attend other classes m(_ _)m

You can take mrt to Mountbatten mrt, exit A then walk straight down till you see old Singapore Badminton Hall. There is a small gate on the right where you can go through the car park to the studio. The walk takes around 10mins.

To be updated about the event, please check out our FB event here:
SEE YOU THERE!!!\(≧▽≦)丿

I now attend yoga at two places: a gym (with several locations) and Yoga Inc. The yoga comics I draw may take place in either location. You may find me sometimes at Yoga Inc.'s Basic Yoga class, Hot Hatha, Hot Classic or Yoga Core ;)


  1. He-he, good post. I bet Eva-san is a hottest person in that spa :lol:
    I like that facility: it is large, bright and clean.

    How hot is it? I mean, it is not good if they are keeping very hot temperature, like 35C and higher. It is bad for heart and kidneys.

    Heh, I know one person, who owns small karate school, and to save money on conditioning, he invented whole theory of hot karate, and how it is useful for athletes. At winter time his views on temperature of air usually changed to opposite, of course, he was trying to save money on heating.

    Eva-san, I am glad that You are serious about health and practicing yoga. がんばって!


    1. Haha not really, the other ladies were hotter XD

      I just found an article about Hot Yoga:

      Seems like it is not good if you don't replenish the lost nutrients... OOPS!
      No wonder the lady boss recommended drinking fresh coconut juice after hot yoga ><

      The karate school story was funny, thanks for sharing ^^

    2. Fresh coconut water is good, it has many electrolytes, and keeps body hydrated.

      I saw picture of You doing yoga on FB - You looks fantastic. Keep going.

      ewww ...

    3. Hehe thanks Ewww! There's one on instagram too :P

    4. How to get Your instagram?


      it works best as an installed app on your mobile though

    6. Yep, yep, I find it. Really nice doggie :)

      Thanks Eva-san, You are best.

      ewww ...



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