Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can't imagine life without insurance! 還好有保險!

First, I experienced the massive earthquake, then radiation fears. But no, heaven thinks that's not enough so it had to send a typhoon to Tokyo on 21st (Wed) and cast a spell on our professor to release his class at the peak of the storm. So half of us were trapped in the campus while the other half braved the winds to go home. I waited till the storm was over but with a sore throat that got worse the next day.


I struggled back to the intensive course, with the thought that even if I die, I would die in the classroom. Luckily I eventually decided not to die in the classroom and went to see the school doctor. 39.2 degrees, everyone was shocked and the doctor asked why I delayed my treatment. At this level, its amazing that I could feel hot and cold at the same time.

隔天以死都要撐到教室的決心,好不容易到了學校。幸好臨時決定還是不要死在教室,所以去看了學校醫生。39.2度,在這高燒的境界,竟然可以同時感覺又冷又熱 =_= 。大家都感到非常驚訝,問我為什麼現在才來看醫生。

While feeling really weak, the kind nurse gave me a bottle of Pocari sweat, a famous Japanese isotonic drink to replenish your body fluids. How nice of her to give me a FREE bottle of drink! Little did I realize that the bill would be 6320yen, inclusive of an influenza check and a "dosage". Dosage... hmm... the only thing I took there was Pocari sweat, damn... it wasn't free after all, shouldn't have taken it. Luckily with national insurance, I only need to pay 30% of the bill, that is 1900yen, so at least Pocari sweat was on 70% discount.

當我既虛弱又無力的時候,好心的護士給了我一瓶Pocari Sweat飲料。這飲料在日本很出名,就是宣傳於血液很相似,補充流逝液體的神奇飲料。 我心想,她人真好,竟然買了一瓶飲料來送給我,免費的!可是沒想到收據出來後竟然是6320yen,裡面包括流感檢察和“投藥”。投藥?我唯一喝下的東西就只有那Pocari Sweat啊?真是XXX的。原來那飲料不是免費的!夠氣人,早知道不拿了。還好有投保,所以只需要負擔30%的看診費,也就是1900yen。至少Pocari Sweat是打3折的。

Next, the sick patient has to walk across the street to a pharmacy to get the medicine. Don't they have their own medicine? You better not be dying yet to walk to another building. 3 medicine costs 830yen (originally 2770yen) that comes with a detailed description of the drugs and dosage instructions.


Total original bill: 9090yen (SG$153)
After insurance:  2730yen (SG$46)
Can't imagine a sick life without insurance!
Get your insurance now! (insurance agents can contact me for advertising rates)

原價:9090yen (NT3588)
投保後需付:2730yen (NT1077)


  1. 我有保險

  2. 台灣有健保真好:)

  3. That's a jaw-dropping amount!!!

  4. Ouch...

    That's painful. Get well soon. Take care.

  5. 你真名日語發音好長唉............

  6. austin: 有投保?很好~ 特別是你那麼喜歡滑雪!


    Parka: Now you know why Tin Pei Ling says our medical is "affordable" by her standards~

    Hana: Thanks! I'm getting better now, but the virus is very persistent... >_<

    Isao: 對嘍,已經很難唸了你們還得把我們的名字弄成難看的katakana...



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