Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Singapore Mooncakes 新加坡月餅

In 5 days time, we will be celebrating our Mid Autumn Festival, a much celebrated festival by the Chinese. It is the 8th month 15th day on the lunar calendar when the moon is at its roundest form. Thousands of years had passed, but our lunar calendar never fails to nail down the date for the roundest moon. On this day, families come together, much like Chinese New Year, to eat mooncakes and admire the bright moon. It is also a custom to give mooncakes between relatives or business associates to wish them have a happy reunion with their families.

Mooncakes are traditionally baked with lotus paste filling and sometimes with yolk. These are usually favored by the older generation. However for younger people like me, snowskin mooncakes are appealing too, such as the ones shown above.

One of the key attractions are the elaborate gift boxes to impress recipients:
My sis insisted to buy this 6-mooncake collection from Malaysia's Baker's Cottage, because of the drawer design that can be used to keep her accessories. However, we think the taste was average except for the Mint Truffle.

Due to the sweetness of these mooncakes, it is a common practice to cut into small pieces for the whole family to share. 薄荷口味的月餅裡面是這樣...

My personal favorite is from Ritz Carlton hotel that comes with a very nice deluxe box. The mooncakes are the one shown in my first photo. My siblings and I particularly like the hotel's lychee martini, yummy!
我本身最喜歡的是Ritz Carlton酒店的荔枝口味加酒的冰皮月餅,好吃!

Down at Takashimaya's Mid Autumn Festival mooncake fair, I found these snowskin to be pretty good:
  • Victoria Peak Mooncake (a Hong Kong restaurant)
    Mini Snow Green Tea Paste with Raspberry
  • The Regent (hotel)
    Pandan Paste with Yolk and Melon Seeds
    Persimmon Paste
    Signature Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds
  • TWG
    Blueberry (Interesting taste, not snow skin though)
In addition, my friend commented that mooncakes from Marina Mandarin Hotel were exquisite too. Unfortunately, they're not in the fair and there was no sampling at the hotel.

Finally, there's lighting along Singapore River to celebrate the festival. Wishing all Chinese a great Mid Autumn Festival and happy shopping for mooncakes!

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