Friday, September 2, 2011

My New Samsung Netbook NP-NC110

Introducing my brand new netbook bought from the COMEX IT fair at Suntec City, Singapore. Yes, I'd been saving up for a netbook so that I won't have to carry my 2.5kg MCP to school everyday!

The specs are simple:
  • Dual-Core Intel Atom N570 (1.66Ghz, 1MB Cache)
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • 2GB DD3 SDRAM, 250GB HD
  • Bluetooth
  • around 1.2kg
For SG$449, I got the RAM upgrade, anti-virus software and a bunch of low quality freebies like optical mouse, headphones, usb hubs, mousepads etc... The main reason why I chose Samsung and not other brands like Acer or Asus was because of the option to purchase a $99 Office 2010 license that was only available to Samsung models. So I spent $548 in total.
SG$449是加上2GB RAM和一些品質很差的免費贈品。選擇Samsung是因為只有這個牌子,可以用$99購買一份Office 2010的許可證。

I tried to download... but it doesn't work! Duh... network congestion I guess. Thanks so much to Microsoft for wasting money into their big packaging to sell license stickers with no actual discs inside, instead of investing a better network for us to download.
結果勒...無法下載...靠腰... ... 幹嘛把錢浪費在只裝一張許可證貼紙的大包裝,也不要投資在更好的網絡讓我們下載勒...氣死老娘了!


  1. Congrats ... but I think that is antique already ... everything is changing so fast :(

    ewww ...

    1. Actually I sold it off last year already XD



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