Friday, September 2, 2011

Shopping Strategy at Borders Clearance Sale

Just returned from the Borders Sale at Expo with 50% discount off all books. The original price tag was way too expensive, no wonder they're going out of business in Singapore. In fact, you might find some paperback version cheaper in Amazon than the 50% discounted hardcover versions found there.

I arrived at 11am and spent 1.5 hours browsing and selecting my books. By the time I join the queue, it was already incredibly long and I had to drag my basket of books for 2.5 hours before reaching a cashier. When I was done, it was already 3pm, too tired and famished to "cheong" (battle) the John Little Sale at Hall 3.

Here are some shopping strategies to share when you go to a "clearance" sale:
  • Just grab the things that you're interested in, if you're having a hard decision, just grab and go.
  • By the time you're done scavenging, the queue would have been really long. So if you're going with a friend or family member, a good strategy is to have one person queue up while the rest hunt for their kill, then alternate positions.
  • Along the way, there would be other shoppers' unwanted box of stuff that they dump after having second thoughts. You can dump yours there too or pick up new ones. I picked up 2 books that way.
Most people came with their friends or family. There were even frequent "missing parents" announcements when they left their kids to hunt or dumped them at the queue. If you're bringing your kids, make sure your partner is there to help.

The sale will end on 6th Sep and I believe the discount will get steeper and steeper to clear off those less popular books. Good luck to your hunt! :P


  1. This is sad news. I remember when borders just opened and it was the happening place, where you get to read books in comfortable chairs. All the other places wrap their books.

    I think hard to sell books nowadays, even if they are not expensive. Some people just read on their ipad or whatever.

  2. Goh: Ya, too bad you cannot say farewell to your beloved bookstore. Comic business is also the same, people nowadays prefer to read online for free instead of buying the actual physical books. For me is the same too, since Singapore land is getting more expensive and I always go overseas to study, so digital copies are preferable for me.



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