Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Defenses breached 4 (Praying mantis) 入侵4

I was shooing a spider out of my room to the veranda when I spotted this large cute looking praying mantis. If you remember, my place had a lot of insects like worms, cicadas and mosquitoes. However, this was my first time seeing a live praying mantis in such close proximity. It certainly looked clean and green like our Singapore courtesy frog. Its body was approximately 7-8cm and its head can turn backwards. I was crazily taking macro photos and video for about 10mins.
在趕一隻蜘蛛出去陽台時,發現了一隻又大又可愛的螳螂!假如讀者還記得的話,我的房間有很多昆蟲類,例如蟲子蚊子。不過,這是我第一次看到還活著的螳螂!!! :D 它的身體就像我們的新加坡綠化青蛙一樣綠油油的。身長約7-8cm,頭也能往後轉呢!我就這樣在那裡蹲了約10分鐘狂拍照片。

Unfortunately this mantis was apparently unable to climb over my veranda walls to return to its beloved tree dwelling.

It even started to move towards me when it noticed that my camera was close and not moving much. So I retreated back into my room and closed my doors. However, I noticed that it still couldn't climb. Pitying its fruitless effort, I put on my rubber gloves to grab it and throw it out. Its body felt rather soft but its grip on the walls was rather firm. I watched it flew(?) down from the 4th floor to make sure it was still alive after release.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure if it was him or the rubber, but my gloves smelled really bad for a moment...

More information on the praying mantis:

Besides praying mantis, I also caught a cicada(5cm) 2 months ago when it landed into my veranda. Because it became ridiculously noisy, I do not recommend catching this crazy ugly thing.


  1. 捉蟲子的你看起來很賢淑.....

  2. Ever have praying mantis that big get into my flat but the CICADA~~~~ Ahhhhh~~~ you are 1 lucky gal man! How I wish I could see a real 1 close up. ^_^/

  3. 無意中睇到你個blog.我而家係日本都努力適應緊. 你也加油~做個出色的漫畫生意家~

  4. Zero: 這是絕對的~

    hui: I can direct you to where you can see dead ones XD

    canthisbe: 謝謝妳的祝福!有空再來!



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