Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween! 萬聖節!

I don't usually celebrate any festivals, let alone Halloween. But maybe because I'm starting to miss the English language, and feeling nostalgic for those festivals celebrated while I was studying in San Francisco, I bought a little basket of candies and cookies, swapping some with other variations from my inventory. This is a good time to clear stock and bring in the new snacks XD

我平時都不慶祝節日和生日的,不過可能我開始想念英文和在美國唸書的日子,所以買了一籃糖果和餅乾來小小慶祝一下。當然也偷換了一些。這是清理舊貨換新貨的好時機 XD

In US, you would put a Jack pumpkin outside of your house to indicate that it's okay for the kids to knock on your door to say "Trick or Treat". People would also dress up in costumes to party out with friends in the streets or at homes. Of course, in Asia, nobody practices the pumpkin thing, but cosplay is rather popular.


Coincidentally, it's also my classmate's birthday so I drew a picture for her:
I had a nice Halloween with a nice dinner, Chuutoro (middle fatty tuna) sushi with mushroom and broccoli soup :P
我在萬聖節的晚上享用了一頓好吃的晚餐:金槍魚壽司和硬花甘藍蘑菇湯 :P

I miss all my friends in US, hope that we can see each other again~



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