Monday, November 14, 2011

[084] Accounting is so difficult 會計真難啊

I'd been studying or doing art and media for over 10 years, and suddenly, I have to pick up Maths again and study accounting. You can imagine how challenging it is. Hope I survive.


Friday, November 11, 2011

[083] Why do we still care? 禁不住的在意

It's natural to have some "noise" in the toilet, but why do we still care so much about what others think???

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tokyo Designers Week 2011 東京設計展

A brief entry about a trip to Tokyo Designers Week. (We don't know why a maid cosplayer was there...) but the blue tiger mascot was from the main sponsor Chintai, a real estate company. Entrance fee was 2000yen.
昨天去了一個設計展覽,入場券是2000yen。說是設計展覽,不知道為什麼會有男扮女僕在現場!? 藍色的老虎是主要贊助商的吉祥物。

Thursday, November 3, 2011

End of my Japanese Hospital Adventure 日本醫院冒險記最終回

After spending almost once a week at the hospital due to "Tuberculosis suspicion" hypothesized by my clinic doctor, all tests turned out negative. DUH... I already told you doc, I didn't have tuberculosis. But no, my young "specialist" doctor insisted that I go to the hospital 4 times in a month till they find traces of this deadly bacteria. I didn't believe that I had TB, but after all his psyching to do further tests, he made me believe that I indeed could have contracted TB.

The first thing on my 4th(and final) appointment was to get an xray again. So I went to the radiology department but was surprised that the technician wanted to take a side view xray too. I told him that I was worried about the amount of radiation that I already received, but he reassured that the dosage from xray was so small that it's okay to take several times. WHAT? You mean I can even take 2 xrays per week for 1 month and be totally cool? Alright... since you insist and you're the professional, fine.

LUCKily, the shadow had somehow disappeared so it seemed to be a case of mild pneumonia. So I asked my "specialist" to analyze the side view xray for me. After all, what I think is useless for me may be useful for them. But guess what he replied? "Oh actually it's difficult to see things on the side view xray". Great doc, you made me take these side view xrays in the past to fill some xray quota right?

Sensing my frustration that he made me do so many tests and visits for nothing, he reassured me that it was definitely a safe and wise choice to do them. Moreover, it's possible that the antibiotics that were given to me earlier had CURED my TUBERCULOSIS!? WHAT? Tuberculosis can be cured easily with 2 weeks of antibiotics? Great, must be some kind of miracle medicine you have there, remember to apply patent and let me endorse it. took the hospital 1 full month to complete all tests and conclude that I had no TB. Meanwhile, I HAD RECOVERED ALL BY MYSELF without any drugs from them! After all, it was common cold and mild pneumonia, not TB.

Finally, as a final closure to this stupid suspicion case, my young "specialist" doctor asked if I'd fully recovered from my common cold. I told him that my nose is still stuffy and occasionally a bit of phlegm, but it's so minor and doesn't bother me that much. So like the usual cautious and paranoid "specialist" he was, he gave me this advice: "I recommend that you see the Otolaryngology department to have them examine your nose. Because if your condition persists, it's possible that your pneumonia will return and cause damage to your lungs"... ...

... ... ...(speechless)

I conclude that Japanese doctors here must had received some kind of marketing and sales training as requisite to their practice.









[079] Why I don't like Halloween 討厭萬聖節的原因

I know this update is a bit late, but I'd been busy planning for a friend's trip, reports and finally my last visit to the hospital! Will blog about this soon. Excuses excuses... can't help it! For those in Japan, have a great holiday this long weekend!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[077] Male Primitive Instincts? 男性原始反應?

I don't understand why middle-aged men like AKB48 that much(especially when that annoying girl imitates their fashion), so I interviewed Kelvin and got this answer about pure male primitive instinct to go after girls once they're fertile. Of course in the animal world, males will go for anything right? But due to our cultural norms, some men just feel that liking little girls (sexually) just doesn't sound right. So do you like little girls or mature sexy women?

Friday, October 21, 2011

[075] Disposable mask nightmare 口罩惡夢的真相

After a session of torturous tube insertion through my nostrils into my stomach to extract fluid to see if there's any Tuberculosis bacteria, I had this nightmare on that night + choking mucus (or was it actually the sticky local anesthetic cream). Whatever it is, I woke up startled and glad that it was finally over. No TB bacteria found! But if the small shadow in my lung doesn't disappear 2 weeks later, I think I'll have more nightmares.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

[074] Japanese Doctors Worst Case Scenario 日本醫生的終極審判

After talking with a few friends about their experiences with Japanese doctors, we concluded that doctors in Japan always provide the worst case "death" scenario and recommends you to do all sorts of testing to make sure that you are okay. So after taking my blood, phlegm/saliva and gastric fluid, they found no Tuberculosis bacteria and the new hypothesis to explain my small lung shadow had became a case of mild bronchitis or pneumonia. Whatever it is, I still need to return for another xray two weeks later to see if the shadow in my lung disappeared or grown. GREAT! No results after so many tests and scans for 2-3 weeks. Get insurance if you come to Japan, you'll NEED it!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[073] Importance of Insurance 保險的重要

Doctors never know how much each medicine, scan, test or surgery costs! But they're good at recommending you to take a lot of them. Health is important, what to do!?


Monday, October 17, 2011

[072] Life can be like anything, even a toilet bowl...人生就像一個馬桶啊...

Life is like a toilet bowl... you never know what kind of shit you're gonna get.
But my friend suggested that I should think more positively so... I came out with a 2nd edition:

Life is like an iPhone, always in need of somebody to "touch" constantly.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

So I may have Tuberculosis!? 我可能有肺癆?

After my first Japanese doctor visit, I became better and better until one week later, my throat began to hurt again. Maybe I didn't rest well and was too busy with the scholarship activities and school so I had high fever again. This time I went to the neighborhood clinic.

With much amazement, the doctor insisted that I take an xray because it's unusual to reach 39 degrees for a common cold/flu, so he wanted to test if I had pneumonia. Ok, an xray it is... Based on the xray, he said that there's a faint shadow on my lungs and requested me to return 3 days later when there is another doctor that specializes in respiratory system. He gave me some antibiotics and told me not to worry as it may be nothing after all.

I returned 3 days later, slightly better because I finally took 2 days off to rest from everything. But the new doctor insisted that I take another xray again! Ok... fine, you're the doctor. But this time, he said that the shadow appeared to be slightly growing and was 100% sure that I'm not suffering from  common cold/flu but possibly TUBERCULOSIS. God...

So he wrote me a reference letter to a nearby hospital to refer to a specialist to do a CTscan. Wow...
Well, at least a CTscan will know exactly what I'm suffering from I guess? But when I reached there, the doctors preferred  me to do a phlegm test for 3 times in separate days to determine if I am TB positive. By then, my phlegm had somehow dwindled, and only managed to cough up a bit of saliva through a smoking device. The results were out 2 hours later, negative. BUT! It doesn't mean that I don't have TB, I need to do 2 more tests just to make sure.
真是夠... ... 好吧,為了安心,只好乖乖地拿他的介紹信去大醫院接受CT掃描,至少應該會知道病因是什麼吧?可是到了那裡之後,醫生卻要求我做痰的檢驗,而且得做3次!每次隔幾天。我的媽丫~那時的痰比較少了,所以叫我呼吸一種煙來促使咳嗽。不好意思...就是沒痰了,所以只好給一些口水拿去檢察。2個鐘頭後,檢測不到肺癆的細菌,不過醫生還是說得再檢測2次才可以斷定結果=_=

Next, he wanted me to do an xray again. I asked him, why do xray now since you're already scheduling me to do a CTscan and blood test next week? He paused a while and blabbered some Japanese, but I think it means that if my xrays look ok, then maybe I won't need CTscan after all. Life is frustrating when there's no English speaker in the hospital. Oh... ok, another xray... hmm... 3 xrays in a week, fine, you're the doc. So another xray it is. I guess Japanese likes Xrays...

So next Tuesday, I MIGHT (because Japanese are never 100% committed unless all possible tests are conducted) know if I have TB, pneumonia, lung cancer or common flu/cold. They are also scheduling me to do a blood test and the 2nd phlegm test. I better recover fast this weekend!!!!!!!!!


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