Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[077] Male Primitive Instincts? 男性原始反應?

I don't understand why middle-aged men like AKB48 that much(especially when that annoying girl imitates their fashion), so I interviewed Kelvin and got this answer about pure male primitive instinct to go after girls once they're fertile. Of course in the animal world, males will go for anything right? But due to our cultural norms, some men just feel that liking little girls (sexually) just doesn't sound right. So do you like little girls or mature sexy women?



  1. Between joke and joke...THATS what is the biggest problem in Japan. Guys like that are the ones that make me feel creepy by saying I love my niece and always feeling the need to say "As a niece" DAMN THEM ALLLLLLL

    BTW...hahaha great face expresion with the blue bewtween the eyes :D priceless

  2. haha mature gals :P who act cute?

  3. 喜歡年輕的沒有錯....
    但是喜歡上濫品德的 就是錯了...

  4. Well no...mature gals who act cute are just dumb...BUT guys who actually dig it are becasue deep inside they are damaged goods and find those kind of women atractive because its socially my statement is still valid :D

  5. canthushme: HAHAHA, yes, you're in a very peculiar situation, in Japanese, it would be called "bimyou". With all these AKB48 craze now, you better be careful when expressing your "love" for your niece. But for aunties like me, I can openly say I love my nephew XDDDD

    stan: you mean you like mature girls who act cute like that sickening annoying girl!? *gasp in horror*


  6. I like both~ But i prefer girls the same age as me, can communicate more.

  7. Kelvin: I thought my friend, whose name also Kelvin, replied! Haha... he lurks around here sometimes if he sees his name in the text.

    Oh yes, my friend said that younger men likes older women but older men likes younger girls. Hmmm... true?

  8. Yeah, i prefer older girls more den younger girls if i have to choose...maybe coz my 1st girlfriend is my sec school senior...

  9. hahaha fertile. anyway old guys who like little girls are simply pedophile.

  10. Kelvin: I see I see, please let me know again when you found another XD

    Oridusartic: Hey! I wanted to visit your website some days ago but your domain had expired, glad it's back now. I'm not sure about being pedophile, have to ask my friend again XD



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