Thursday, November 3, 2011

End of my Japanese Hospital Adventure 日本醫院冒險記最終回

After spending almost once a week at the hospital due to "Tuberculosis suspicion" hypothesized by my clinic doctor, all tests turned out negative. DUH... I already told you doc, I didn't have tuberculosis. But no, my young "specialist" doctor insisted that I go to the hospital 4 times in a month till they find traces of this deadly bacteria. I didn't believe that I had TB, but after all his psyching to do further tests, he made me believe that I indeed could have contracted TB.

The first thing on my 4th(and final) appointment was to get an xray again. So I went to the radiology department but was surprised that the technician wanted to take a side view xray too. I told him that I was worried about the amount of radiation that I already received, but he reassured that the dosage from xray was so small that it's okay to take several times. WHAT? You mean I can even take 2 xrays per week for 1 month and be totally cool? Alright... since you insist and you're the professional, fine.

LUCKily, the shadow had somehow disappeared so it seemed to be a case of mild pneumonia. So I asked my "specialist" to analyze the side view xray for me. After all, what I think is useless for me may be useful for them. But guess what he replied? "Oh actually it's difficult to see things on the side view xray". Great doc, you made me take these side view xrays in the past to fill some xray quota right?

Sensing my frustration that he made me do so many tests and visits for nothing, he reassured me that it was definitely a safe and wise choice to do them. Moreover, it's possible that the antibiotics that were given to me earlier had CURED my TUBERCULOSIS!? WHAT? Tuberculosis can be cured easily with 2 weeks of antibiotics? Great, must be some kind of miracle medicine you have there, remember to apply patent and let me endorse it. took the hospital 1 full month to complete all tests and conclude that I had no TB. Meanwhile, I HAD RECOVERED ALL BY MYSELF without any drugs from them! After all, it was common cold and mild pneumonia, not TB.

Finally, as a final closure to this stupid suspicion case, my young "specialist" doctor asked if I'd fully recovered from my common cold. I told him that my nose is still stuffy and occasionally a bit of phlegm, but it's so minor and doesn't bother me that much. So like the usual cautious and paranoid "specialist" he was, he gave me this advice: "I recommend that you see the Otolaryngology department to have them examine your nose. Because if your condition persists, it's possible that your pneumonia will return and cause damage to your lungs"... ...

... ... ...(speechless)

I conclude that Japanese doctors here must had received some kind of marketing and sales training as requisite to their practice.










  1. 可能有業績壓力吧!?

  2. Tina: 不信沒業績也難!他最後的那句勸告,真的是太明顯了。

  3. 庸醫有沒有開轉診單給妳啊?

  4. Well ain´t that dude paranoid!

    Good to know everything went like you knew and even I knew...but is like when I took the HIV test for some work overseas a couple of years ago...I knew I was ok, but styill the day when they were to hand me the exams I was a bit freaked, like "Maybe when I went ot the dentist....OR when I donated blood...OMG!!!!"

    So everything is cool

  5. 看來日本的醫院很缺錢唷...

  6. .......我知道这不是可以笑的时候,但还是禁不住笑起来了。姐姐,你还真幽默。


  7. austin: 唉,有收據嘍。還好大學有每年60,000yen的醫藥補助。氣人的是,我在新加坡買的外國留學保險沒保這個,只保意外。靠!每年買了又不能領這個那個的,明年不投保了。

    canthushme: YEAH! Exactly right!? It's like oh... maybe...maybe I really do have it after all. I was so paranoid for the past one month. Thank god it's over! I'm definitely avoiding Japanese doctors if possible now...

    小卓: 對啊,動不動就要你照X光,看來日本的醫生應該很有錢。

    Isao: 清掉了啦!真佩服你們日本的醫生!動不動就往最壞的那一面想!把病人嚇死以後就建議一連串的檢察...比生意人好要會做生意呢!

  8. >EVA姐
    oh,ooops! Sorry没看清楚哎。


  9. Hahaha~~ Don't U missed Spore GP?? Simple cold med will make it all go away + MC.
    Glad U recovered liao. ^_^/

  10. hui: I miss my Singapore doctor! Effective affordable medicine! Though cannot claim the fee. Recovered liao, thanks! :P

  11. >EVA姐

  12. Isao: 哇! 是回家For good嗎?



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