Friday, October 7, 2011

So I may have Tuberculosis!? 我可能有肺癆?

After my first Japanese doctor visit, I became better and better until one week later, my throat began to hurt again. Maybe I didn't rest well and was too busy with the scholarship activities and school so I had high fever again. This time I went to the neighborhood clinic.

With much amazement, the doctor insisted that I take an xray because it's unusual to reach 39 degrees for a common cold/flu, so he wanted to test if I had pneumonia. Ok, an xray it is... Based on the xray, he said that there's a faint shadow on my lungs and requested me to return 3 days later when there is another doctor that specializes in respiratory system. He gave me some antibiotics and told me not to worry as it may be nothing after all.

I returned 3 days later, slightly better because I finally took 2 days off to rest from everything. But the new doctor insisted that I take another xray again! Ok... fine, you're the doctor. But this time, he said that the shadow appeared to be slightly growing and was 100% sure that I'm not suffering from  common cold/flu but possibly TUBERCULOSIS. God...

So he wrote me a reference letter to a nearby hospital to refer to a specialist to do a CTscan. Wow...
Well, at least a CTscan will know exactly what I'm suffering from I guess? But when I reached there, the doctors preferred  me to do a phlegm test for 3 times in separate days to determine if I am TB positive. By then, my phlegm had somehow dwindled, and only managed to cough up a bit of saliva through a smoking device. The results were out 2 hours later, negative. BUT! It doesn't mean that I don't have TB, I need to do 2 more tests just to make sure.
真是夠... ... 好吧,為了安心,只好乖乖地拿他的介紹信去大醫院接受CT掃描,至少應該會知道病因是什麼吧?可是到了那裡之後,醫生卻要求我做痰的檢驗,而且得做3次!每次隔幾天。我的媽丫~那時的痰比較少了,所以叫我呼吸一種煙來促使咳嗽。不好意思...就是沒痰了,所以只好給一些口水拿去檢察。2個鐘頭後,檢測不到肺癆的細菌,不過醫生還是說得再檢測2次才可以斷定結果=_=

Next, he wanted me to do an xray again. I asked him, why do xray now since you're already scheduling me to do a CTscan and blood test next week? He paused a while and blabbered some Japanese, but I think it means that if my xrays look ok, then maybe I won't need CTscan after all. Life is frustrating when there's no English speaker in the hospital. Oh... ok, another xray... hmm... 3 xrays in a week, fine, you're the doc. So another xray it is. I guess Japanese likes Xrays...

So next Tuesday, I MIGHT (because Japanese are never 100% committed unless all possible tests are conducted) know if I have TB, pneumonia, lung cancer or common flu/cold. They are also scheduling me to do a blood test and the 2nd phlegm test. I better recover fast this weekend!!!!!!!!!


  1. 感冒引發支氣管發炎

  2. stan: thanks!

    austin: 現在還在鼻塞+喉嚨痛+偶爾咳嗽

  3. Wow~~ Hope U recover soon, pls take care! >_</

  4. 惊讶中..........希望ing妳没事。早日康复

  5. Hi Eva,

    You better get better FAST! 3 xrays in one week is ridiculous.

    Take care!

  6. EVA姊好好休息阿~~~

  7. hui: Thanks!

    Isao: CTscan發現真的有小東西,所以得進一步檢察

    Hana: Ya... today took CTscan, so I'm really radiated now~


  8. Looks like Eva does not have a heart 8)

    Hope that You does not have these problems anymore.


    1. Thanks ewww :)
      Unfortunately, my respiratory system has always been weak so I catch a cold or flu easily and take me a longer time than average person to recover TT

    2. Awww ... It is so mournfull!
      I wish You will get strong and never have flu or cold again.

      BTW, You should paint here some big red heart on that X-ray image, cuz You have one.


    3. LOL, that's a nice idea ewww, you're very creative! ♥



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