Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tokyo Designers Week 2011 東京設計展

A brief entry about a trip to Tokyo Designers Week. (We don't know why a maid cosplayer was there...) but the blue tiger mascot was from the main sponsor Chintai, a real estate company. Entrance fee was 2000yen.
昨天去了一個設計展覽,入場券是2000yen。說是設計展覽,不知道為什麼會有男扮女僕在現場!? 藍色的老虎是主要贊助商的吉祥物。

The mascot's tail was irresistible to touch, so much so that the assistant had to constantly warn people off! We figure that if you're an ugly guy and having trouble to get close to girls, being dressed as a cute mascot will get you unprecedented attention :P

We particularly like this big installation...why?
Because it's actually a "donation box"! It was so cool that my friend and I tried to find those 1 yen slot to stuff his coins. Naturally, the 1 yen slots were the most difficult to find.

I really like this cake table and a couple of other designer looking expensive lights and furniture. If I'm rich or have my own house, I'll buy 'em all! XD

One part of the exhibition was rather interesting, using wood to divide and support the exhibits. Can be easily recycled too after exhibition.

There was an installation of plastic bottles that kids love because whacking them produced musical notes. But of course, we hear noise instead.

Toyo Ink booth was holding a lucky draw, so we tried our luck. Too bad we didn't win anything but received their Color Finder.

It is quite a handsome set indeed, only useful for designers and printers. Color slips were encased in wooden shelf. I'd never used Toyo ink before, only Pantone for my namecards. Maybe I'll ask my printers back home if they use Toyo. I have an extra set, so if anybody in Tokyo or Singapore wants it, I can give it to you. Redeemed :P


  1. me me lol! interesting! colour chart!

  2. Stan: lol, you're fast sia! I sticked your name on the box already. Will bring it home next year and meet you up :P

  3. 存錢的大型雕塑好棒@口@!!設計費會有補貼XD

  4. 小卓:對啊!真是一個不錯的idea!只是得花時間做。

    Kelvin: No need photo lah, everyone says the comic character really look like me!



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