Thursday, October 20, 2011

[074] Japanese Doctors Worst Case Scenario 日本醫生的終極審判

After talking with a few friends about their experiences with Japanese doctors, we concluded that doctors in Japan always provide the worst case "death" scenario and recommends you to do all sorts of testing to make sure that you are okay. So after taking my blood, phlegm/saliva and gastric fluid, they found no Tuberculosis bacteria and the new hypothesis to explain my small lung shadow had became a case of mild bronchitis or pneumonia. Whatever it is, I still need to return for another xray two weeks later to see if the shadow in my lung disappeared or grown. GREAT! No results after so many tests and scans for 2-3 weeks. Get insurance if you come to Japan, you'll NEED it!




  1. Don't worry lah, jap doctors tend to exaggerate~ I think its coz ur doctor don't have so much experience yet?

  2. Kelvin: I didn't know about this until interviewing more people =_=. My "specialist" was very young, 30+only so I felt a bit worrying to be consulted by him. I suppose a few years without NS makes him a few years experienced, but still not a pleasant experience.



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