Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book signing trip to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at MPH and Kinokuniya on 12 Apr 2015

This was my second trip down to KL to meet my fans and this time was organised by MPH Distributors (first trip was Comic Fiesta). I was extremely impressed on how they marketed my event by connecting me to as many major press (theSun, New Straits Times and theStar) as possible and getting materials for the bookstores to promote my book signing.

I paid for my own hotel and stayed near Midvalley so I would not be late for my first book signing. Of course, I went around to check out the huge mall the day before and snooped around MPH as well.

I was delighted to see someone interested in my book and sneaked behind to take photo...haha...

Book Signing #1 at MPH, MidValley

There was a moderate turn out initially (mostly existing fans) when I was just talking about myself and my book. But when I was doing my demo on the flip chart, many onlookers started to crowd around to see me draw.

And the lucky model who volunteered for my demo was a friend of my fan!
I was worried that I might run late for Kinokuniya so I ended my demo session with just one caricature and proceeded to book signing.

Book Signing #2 at Kinokuniya, KLCC

Oddly the traffic was smooth and my distributor was able to bring me to Kinokuniya one hour early by taxi. I was told by the bookstore that my book is doing very well there :)

There was slightly a bigger crowd and the seats were completely filled (most were my fans again :P)

Once again when I do demo, a lot more people crowded around to see what was going on.

I demonstrated how to draw my characters very simply using circles, rectangles and lines.

Then I asked for volunteers to become my model and be drawn into a comic character. I was impressed that Kinokuniya provided cartridge paper (a kind of drawing paper) for me to do the caricatures.

Because Kinokuniya was the last stop, I could do 3 people and she was my last lucky fan!

There was a queue for book signing and I was so happy to meet my Malaysian fans who came specially down to support and buy my book!

Finally Kinokuniya also asked for a drawing because the "boss" collects it from every artist who did book signing there.
---------- THANK YOU NOTE ----------
Thank you MPH Bookstore and Kinokuniya for hosting me!
And many thanks to Eeling and Yoke Ping from Kinokuniya for the photos taken at their store.
Also many thanks to Shireen and Shirley from MPH Distributors for the photos, organising my trip and liaising with the reporters...

...and of course A MILLION THANKS TO FANS who came down to support me! (and of course, thank you even when you bought the book but did not show up XD )

...and lastly special thanks to Kok Hwa from Candid Creation Publishing for his relentless attempt to help get my books finally to Malaysia! (read about my frustrated story here)

My next stop will be Jakarta (and not sure if will go to KL again)! Please check my FB timeline often, join my fan club or visit my official site often for the confirmed event dates!


  1. Congratulation on the book signing Eva!! So happy to be able to finally meet you! ^_^ Looking forward to your second book! Gambateh~ ^_^

    1. Thank you! I was delighted to meet you as well! :D
      Hope to see you all again!!!

  2. Hope to meet you you in my cafe. Walnut Tree Cafe at One city Subang. Kuala lumpur. Our cafe promotes reading and also take a book and leave a book concept. Shall stock in your books. Yoroshiku Chong desu

    1. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Chong-san!
      Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!



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