Friday, April 3, 2015

First Impression, Demo and Review of Chameleon marker pens

First Impression, Demo and Review of Chameleon marker pens
I received these fun markers last week from Chameleon Pens and was excited to try it because you can do gradation with only one pen!

First Impression, Demo and Review of Chameleon marker pens
The last time I used markers was 10 years ago using COPIC markers. So my skill was very rusty and had to make do with my moleskine sketchbook. It would be better to use smooth marker papers so it is easier to blend and the ink won't smudge to the bottom pages.

This is a 17min of my first impression and demonstration on how to use these markers. It was really fun like a science experiment or cooking a new dish :P


Do gradation with only one pen.
Colourless blender will not stain other colours.
Fun experimenting on the mixing.

Takes a bit of time to figure out which side is the mixing chamber and brush nib, so might not be suitable for professionals who want to work fast.
Lighter tone only last for a small area, not suitable for covering large area of pale tones.
Outliner pen provided too thin for my usage. But can be compensated with other marker pens.

I would say the markers are great for people doing occasional illustrations and small drawings, in which getting the exact colour is not crucial and is fun to discover what you will get. However, if you need to work fast and exact like product designers and fashion designers, you might want to stick to regular markers.

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  1. This is the right tool for me now, *puts in Superrr Wishlist*



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