Monday, April 20, 2015

Odd Japanese English: Hotchkiss

Odd Japanese English Hotchkiss stapler comics webcomics manga
Frankly speaking, I can never remember what's stapler in Japanese, but now I can because of the HOT KISS! :P


  1. Eva-san want to be kissed ... ha-ha-ha!!! chu-chu-chu :lol:

    Very good one. Second frame with "extra hot kiss" is top of notch. I think that frame alone could be printed as a poster and I could put it on the wall with other Your works.

    ewww ...

    1. HAHA seriously!? XD
      Or I can compile it into a set of postcards to learn odd Japanese English too lol :P
      HMM, AN IDEA!

    2. Yep, I am quite serious. I'd like to buy that second frame as a poster.
      The facial expression and colour scheme here are awesome, and it is kinda provocative :lol:

      I think that as a post card, whole comics strip will work fine.

      ewww ...

    3. Haha ewww, the resolution is not high enough to become a poster :P

  2. Thank him for lending you his hotchkiss by kiwi-ing his shoes.

  3. Thanks! Even after 25 years, I kept forgetting ホチキス. Now I never will! ^^



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