Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ikeda Spa Geisha Facial Review (aka Uguisu no Fun or nightingale poop facial)

Ikeda Spa Organic Geisha Facial Review Uguisu no Fun or nightingale poop facial
Well since I was commissioned to draw comics to promote Ikeda Spa's Geisha Facial, I decided to go down on Tuesday to give it a try with some of my spa credits! Before the start of treatment, the facial therapist interviewed me about my skin condition and concerns, including any allergies. Basically the 90min treatment consisted of:
  • Massage around the neck, shoulder and scalp with essential oil
  • Facial massage and scrub
  • Steam
  • Extraction (ouch!)
  • Uguisu no Fun (Nightingale poop) mask for 15min
  • Toner, moisturiser and sunblock
I was worried about the smell but they added rice bran into the mask and it smelled great! :P
The whole treatment was super relaxing but I wish I didn't drink so much before the 90min treatment... Anyway I could have requested the therapist to stop anytime and she will bring the yukata for me to change so I can go for my toilet break. I had nasal congestion, eye strain and aching neck and shoulder pain on that day so it was a complete relief after the massage!

Why nightingale poop?
The guano from the nightingale has a high concentration of urea and guanine, which lightens and brightens the skin. Geisha used thick makeup in the past that contained heavy concentration of zinc and lead so it was important for them to clean the poisonous makeup off thoroughly. They discovered that Uguisu no Fun could remove their makeup very well and also conditioned the skin too!

If you are worried about hygiene, the Uguisu no Fun used in skincare products nowadays are harvested from caged nightingales with controlled diet of only organic seeds (hence some spa also name their treatment "Organic Geisha Facial"). The poop were also UV-sterilized to ensure that they are completely bacteria free!

After treatment:
If you were following my Instagram (ehem...→@EVACOMICS), you will see a shot of me taken outside Ikeda Spa as I exit. Frankly speaking I didn't see the difference immediately after because of my already fair complexion. But after my face wash at home, I could feel that my skin was smoother and more moisturised than before. When I woke up the following day, I could see that my skin was significantly radiant!... which means YES, POOP WORKED! The effect still lasts till now, which is exactly 2 days later!

I also wasn't sure if it was because of the neck and shoulder massage, but bowel movement was especially smooth afterwards ( ̄▽ ̄;;)

Verdict: Recommended for anyone who wants a brighter, smoother and softer skin! Massage was not only relaxing but also helped to detox the body!

...and good news! Fans can now enjoy 20% off any treatment when you quote "EVACOMICS" during booking! (For first-time spa visitors only). The Geisha Facial treatment's usual price is $240+   You can also check out my previous review about their hot spring bath and massage here!

Now I am torn between a facial or massage treatment for my next visit...

Disclaimer: I accept partial/full barter trading from some clients depending on how interested I am in their products/services and the amount of work required to create the comics/illustration. If I am not interested in their products/services, I will request full cash payment or reject the proposal entirely.


  1. You are such a beauty :)

    ewww ...

  2. I really like your comics,they are very informative and funny.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to see more and more foreigners and Japanese like it too!

  3. I have stumbled upon your name Evacomics from #NYPAwesome.
    I am proud of you :-) 梁善儿。you have made Singapore comics reached global status.



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