Friday, April 17, 2015

Channel 8 news feature about my Mr Lee Kuan Yew tribute drawing

After my Mr. Lee Kuan Yew tribute drawing went viral last month (with around 828,000 people reached, 31,000 likes and 3,500 shares), I was contacted to appear on Channel 8 news because they wanted to do a feature about the social media response towards Mr. Lee's passing.

We were supposed to shoot from 10am but the camera crew was delayed and we could not find each other (there were... two bridges...). So we ended up shooting around 10.45am when it was starting to get pretty hot.

They requested for a demo so I tried to replicate again.

A few NG were taken because either the face was off or the camera moved.

We finally finished the shoot in 40min time although screen time was only 40 secs! It's good I didn't try to be a youtuber because I stammered so much! Luckily my answer to the last question was a lot better and made it to the final cut (WHEW!). We also had difficulty shooting that famous photo of my drawing in front and shophouses behind because the wind was very strong. We had to use tape in the end to stick it down.

 I felt like a roasted chicken by noon but managed to get a selfie with the pretty reporter Khai Yan!

I was on my way back from my KL book signing so I missed the live telecast on Sunday April 12th! But my friends helped me recorded through their handphones:
A video posted by Evangeline Neo (@evangelineneo) on

I later found my clip on toggle and my appearance was from 14:28~
The direct link is here:晚间新闻/sun-12-april-2015/327823
Many thanks to fans and new fans who liked my drawing and made this possible ^^


  1. Eva-san, very famous and on TV. Very proud of You.

    He-he, You are such a beauty :)


    1. Haha thank you eeew :)
      I still owe you a postcard and drawing! Will get that done next week before mailing to you :3

    2. Eva-san, please, do not worry about it. Please, stay focused on Your projrcts, which are more important. :)

      ewww ...

    3. You are so nice Ewww! But I promise to do next month because I have 2 top-tier patrons now! (assuming he stay on till end of the month)

  2. Congratulations

  3. Hi Eva

    love the picture you have drawn. it has so much meaning, esp along th SG river where Mr and Mrs lee will go to talk their walks :)



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