Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sumo Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2013

sumo ticket

My friend had a last minute extra ticket so that's how I landed up watching the Opening Day of Sumo season in Tokyo. The ticket includes entry from 8.30am to see trainees but it would be kind of boring so we arrived around 2pm to see the  Juryo Division Ring Entering Ceremony (professional sumo newbies).

Sumo Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2013
The size difference of these 2 sumo wrestlers was very significant.

Sumo Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2013
But technique eventually matters too! He won loud applauses!

There were also times like this when they were not sure if the wrestler who threw the guy out of the ring had his foot already out of the ring beforehand.

Sumo wrestling judges
So they had to come to the ring center to discuss.

Sumo Opening Ceremony address at Tokyo 2013
Opening address. The green cushion VIP seats (costs more than 200,000yen) were gradually getting filled as the important (rich) guests came in to only watch the later more exciting matches.

Sumo wrestler throw salt
This wrestler grabbed more salt than usual and many people cheered. Unfortunately, he lost...

Makuuchi Ring Entering Ceremony
This is the Makuuchi Ring Entering Ceremony. Basically they are divided into east team and west team. The opponent for the next day is to be decided based on the performance on the day's match. The highest rank Yokozuna will only wrestle each other on the final 15th day. But Last Day tickets are almost impossible to get.

Makuuchi Ring Entering Ceremony.

Yokozuna Ring Entering Ceremony
Yokozuna Ring Entering Ceremony. Hakuho!!!

Yokozuna Hakuho returns champion flag
He won the champion last round so he had to return the cup and the flag for this season.

Sumo Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2013
The banners on top will roll down when the tournament achieves full-house.

Sumo wrestler bends
Actually the sumo wrestlers are very flexible and fast.

Sumo Opening Ceremony at Tokyo 2013

Yokozuna Hakuho sumo wrestler sponsor ads
Harumafuji (also top rank "Yokozuna") only had about 17 sponsor ads (each 60,000yen prize money) but Hakuho had like 35 sponsor ads (2.1 million yen, or SG$25,500). And of course, he got em all~

Here are some other photos before I went in :P
Sumo mascot

Long que at the food stalls! Many people were famished!?

Seats came with beer bottle openers...

If you're still interested, you can read more about my visit to a sumo stable last year!

For more info about sumo tournament day:


  1. Wow great thing that you had the chance for that the damn ticket is kinda of colorful and I dare to say cute :P

    The thing I don't like about the sumos is the bare naked asses...not fashinable, not nice...I mean I try no to look at them and concentrate in the fight itself and all the rituals and stuff but in the rpesentation are so many naked and wrinckled asses is just too much hehehe.

    The mascot is pretty perfect for them, that face, captures the sumo standard face, like scolding all the time :D

    Once again, great pictures, thansk for sharing!

    1. You're welcome!!! Thanks for coming often these days XD

      Actually my friend said that no girls would want to marry them cos they look so fat. But I told them that some are already married and Hakuho even married a pretty model and have a kid now. She was shocked in disbelief XDDD

      Those ass... are great cushion!

    2. Fame and wealth are bigger than their asses :P

      And what can I say, since you start blogging AND also keeping up with your webcomic...made me the more interested 10 fold :)

    3. Thank you very much! LOL, I might be changing the cover image soon too! XD



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