Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My First Japanese Baseball Match Waseda VS Meiji University

Baseball stadium in Japan

First time to see baseball match on Sunday after staying in Tokyo for 3 years! Our trip was accompanied by two Japanese friends who loves baseball and one is still playing actively in his own prefecture.

Japanese baseball ticket
They sold special supporter tickets at the side entrance for people who want to cheer for their own team. It cost 500yen while normal tickets cost 1500yen. What a difference! Our opponent was Meiji University, which snapped up some champion cups over the past few seasons. Very strong.

Waseda supporting goods for baseball team
Ticket came with this paper gadget and a booklet introducing the players.

Waseda supporting goods for baseball team
You fold the paper and whoala!!! It's something to hit and produce the cheering sounds! (Good to talk to your friends too in the noisy environment). They even collect this back to recycle after the match.

Japanese baseball waseda
Supporter seats come with a price... we had to cheer (of course). But I didn't know that we had to stand up and cheer every time our player goes into the batting position... I gave up later because I was coughing badly and hungry.

Japanese baseball waseda cheerleaders
Cheerleaders are super genki (full of energy) and kawaii(cute) on the other hand.

Japanese baseball waseda cheerleaders
Yes yes, love Waseda!

Japanese baseball waseda cheerleaders
I think it is rare that guys join the cheerleading team. Apparently, baseball is a very popular sports event in Japan.

Japanese baseball waseda vs meiji university
It was so intense that the score came to a draw at 2-2 after almost 4 hours. An additional round had to be added the next day to decide the winner. I was later warned by a volunteer that taking photos during the match was forbidden! I was speechless. My friend said that it's possible that there are hentai(perverted) guys who take the photos of the cheerleaders for... ...hentai reasons. So ok, reason accepted.

Overall, cheering for your university's baseball team is *EXHAUSTING*.
I rest my case, *cough cough*.


  1. he-he, nice report, thanks :)

    I think that You should go to rival team side and cough here! BTW, I am happy that You had such a joyful evening, but You should care about Your health more :P

    Girls are really cute thou ... ewww...

    1. Thank you! :)
      It was fun to watch intense match like this and the cheerleaders work very hard throughout the match to cheer their teams.

  2. So who won in the end?



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