Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition at Ginza

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition at Ginza

I am a small Snoopy fan so I became very interested in this exhibition. The exhibition showcased artwork in traditional Japanese style or craftsmanship inspired by Snoopy. They included marvellous wooden sculptures, lacquerware, kimono motif, paintings, etc. It was awesome but no pictures allowed as usual!

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition tickets
Tickets were expensive, luckily I'm still a student!

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition Ginza
The shop had a lot of attractive merchandise and the area they took up seemed as big as the exhibition (no surprise there). This is one of my favourite :P I'm so proud that I controlled my impulsive purchase behaviour (mainly because I didn't bring much cash). My friend bought me a t-shirt as an early birthday present, yeah!!!

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition lacquerware painting demonstration
The artists were there for demonstration and boost sales.

Snoopy Japanesque Exhibition sculpture demonstration
Very interesting, sorry I didn't buy any~
Wish one day my comic can be like this :P


  1. Hehehe great way to control the spending rage. Can you imagine yourself with a limitless credit card? OH THE HUMANITY! lol

    1. Wow I must be rich enough to qualify for a limitless credit card!
      If you have a rich eligible bachelor, please introduce to me XD

    2. Haha will keep that in mind, guess that would be a lot of girls dreams...a limitless credit card with a un-nagging husband who would just be there to pelase you and give you his money. Good news is they do hard to find a 4-leaf clover but I will be on the lookout for one of those interested in a cute girl. I understand there are also women with those description...I already hitched but if you find a woman with that description I am sure my wife will understand my divorse request hahaha j/k

    3. LOL, if there is a girl with those qualifications I would introduce her to my brother! heh heh heh XDDD

      I did try to find a four-leaf clover once when I was in Taiwan... ok... will settle for big three-leaf.



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