Monday, May 27, 2013

Applying for a job in Japan

It's really challenging to apply for a job in Japan, especially to big corporations that only recruit once a year in big quantities and putting all candidates through written tests and countless interviews. Perhaps the reason is because companies in Japan cannot fire someone easily, so great caution must be exercised in order to get the best employees. The bad economy might also be another reason for having so many applicants applying for one job, so many elimination rounds had to be planted to narrow down the numbers. After stressing their potential employees, one can expect to stay there for life till retirement, that is unless...the company goes bankrupt...

*I had witnessed someone who is not a good team player been offered many jobs, but someone who is capable and a team player were refused several times. This makes me highly doubtful whether or not filtering candidates through undifferentiated procedures result in positive aspects of the character not shown and thus hiring people who simply fare well in tests and acted well on interviews.




  1. Hahaha great graphic demostration. But I have to say, the sanke in Singapore has an indiferent face "If I have to eat you or let you pass, irrelevant, I just do my job here"...the japanese ones on the other hand, those really seem to enjoy their job hahaha...Even in that part your nailed it.

    1. Wow creepo-san! I'm impressed that you noticed it ne!!! !!!



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