Friday, April 29, 2011

[009]Once in a Lifetime Chance to Vote

I had been very happy and satisfied living in Serangoon for over 20 years. We have sheltered walkways, multi-storey carparks, MRT right beside us and NEX shopping mall newly added. But after all, my HDB flat is not mine but my parents and I have 3 other siblings. Eventually I would have to buy my own property and move out, but what if I'm still single by the time I reach 35? I can only buy open market HDB or private condominium. But today's cheapest condo prices will be tomorrow's cheapest HDB prices. Property prices had doubled but not our salary.

In fact, salary for the digital media industry had not increased one bit over this decade since I graduated from polytechnic 10 years ago. Sure, our government wants to promote Singapore as Asia's digital media hub and had been pouring funds to entice schools and companies to setup here. So we see a lot of new courses, new students, but not as many new jobs. To work in the art and design industry remains a job only for the determined and passionate individuals. Instead of funding only for big projects, there should be initiatives for small ventures like comics, short films, animations and mobile games for individual creators, not just for big companies.

Perhaps I'll be the generation of Singaporeans who will be unable to own our own property and had to either continue living under our parents, rent, or buy a property at our neighbor's land, since our land will be pretty much bought up by richer foreigners. Although I support the lightning party, I feel that there is a need for an opposition voice in parliament.




  1. You should check if you are eligible for overseas voting.

  2. Heres the URL for additional info.

  3. You can vote in Japan...
    I'm in Canada and theres no polling station here. sucks!

  4. Hey! You know what? I checked the Singapore embassy in Japan website for a month when I was in Singapore, but no link no info! Then after the overseas elector application deadline, which was the day after I fly back to Tokyo, I saw the election link (not But by then, it was already too late!!! GRRRR....

  5. I think for Spore is kind of difficult for comics + other creative ventures to grow cos we are an asian country. Other countries like Austrlia are probably more in on individual creativity and less on acadamics. U have to slog very long & hard to get known in Spore. >_<

  6. hui: Yeah... to date we only have one comic artist that made it, and that's Mr. Wee Tian Beng~



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