Thursday, April 28, 2011

[007] 35 Seconds Late 遲到35秒

I think that the biggest joke in this Singapore General Elections is the 35 seconds late reason for rejecting the application form by Ng Teck Siong's opposition party. Although I'm pretty sure PAP will win Tanjong Pagar even with voting, but this is just too stupid to give it a miss.



  1. Tanjong Pagar is a walkover, I think.

  2. Ya it's a walkover because of the 35 seconds late submission. But according to the youtube video, they had everything in the hands of the person-in-charge. So maybe they should have clarified what it means by the cut-off time.

  3. The person who made the youtube video is a biased joke. Take a look at the other videos he posted.
    Furthermore, it's a third-party interpretation (not mentioning a biased party). The accuracy of the story is dubious.

    Furthermore, this:
    made me glad they got rejected.

  4. They should have submitted the papers early.

    They should not have put themselves in a position where they can be late.

    I want to sympathize with them but I can't.

  5. Hayashi: I find that xx seconds is very "grey" because of the possible human error and seems very debatable. Although I support MM Lee, but a chance to vote is indeed very rare. Even if it means voting for the same party that you're under for your entire life, it is still an experience of deciding who should lead us. At least I can tell foreigners that I'd voted before and not make Singapore seems non-democratic.

    Parka: I agree that they should have been there a few hours earlier to check the papers thoroughly. But it must feel really awful to screw up like this..."The 35 seconds life changing experience..."

  6. I feel no matter how wasted it was, rules are still rules and deadlines still deadlines. It's like submitting an examination paper (or in my case, once, a scholarship application) late. There really shouldn't be any leeway no matter the party in question. However, opposition supporters are making the unjustified claims that the election officers are biased.

    Furthermore, a half-assed loosely formed party contesting in the election like that is as good as giving the money away. Which is an outrage, considering its the money of people who really wanted there to be a good opposition/contest.

  7. Of couse if the application was to be submitted digitally, there'll be no question on whether he was late or not, even if it's over for 1 sec. However what if the man who made the video had told the truth that the paper did reach the hands of the officer before 12? Would this be still fair?

  8. 原來這個是真的? 他們怎麼做這種事情. 確實太明顯了. 李光耀也不會輸給那些人的吧. 畢竟對比看看周圍的國家和華人.都生活在水生活熱中. 在亞洲新加坡已經算很不錯了. 做這種事情,確實會被人講的...

  9. 太極翁




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