Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[005] Emergency Escape Bag 非常持出袋

I happened to pass by Tokyu Hands on Sunday and spotted a new corner selling lots of emergency goods... as expected, people are more willing to buy these stuff now than before. Since I hadn't finish equipping my important bag, I swarmed in to check out what cool products they have.

星期天經過Tokyu Hands的時候發現多了一個緊急防災銷售處。果然,好多人都比以前更願意花錢買這些東西。我也因為還沒準備好,所以也湊一下熱鬧。

I chose this USA product called the ARK III. The best thing I like about this is its slogan: "When it's up to you to help yourself!", that made me purchased this immediately without much hesitation! It has food and water that will last you for 3 days and a funky aluminum blanky. However, the food seems to be some sort of artificially flavored cake...it was sure tempting to buy one of those vacuum packed food for astronauts to replace this.

我選了這個叫做"ARK III"的美國產品。最喜歡的就是它的標語“要救自己就得全靠自己!”,使到我不多想就買下了!裡面包括了3天份的水和糧食,也包括了一個銀色的被子,說是可以保溫的。緊急糧食似乎是人工調味的蛋糕,看起來不是很好吃,有點想買太空人的真空糧食取代這個,但是太貴了~ 嗚...

Next is this "CRISIS" keychain with LED torch and whistle, in case I'm trapped somewhere beneath rubble and can still whistle for help. Also useful if suddenly TEPCO runs out of electricity and all lights get cut off while I'm showering in another floor... well just a thought.

What your emergency bag should include 緊急逃命包包應該包括以下物品:
  • Money (and small change)* 錢
  • Insurance Card* 保健卡
  • Towel* 毛巾
  • Plasters/first-aid* 膠帶/急救箱
  • Manually powered radio & torch* (I only have battery-operated, so prepare more spares)
  • Tissue/wet tissue* 紙巾/濕紙巾
  • Heat-retaining aluminum sheet* 保溫被子
  • Chocolate/snacks,etc* 巧克力/點心
  • ID/Passport* 身分證/護照
  • Address book* 地址名簿
  • Raingear* 雨衣
  • Mobile phone charger (still left outside to charge phone everyday) 手機充電
  • Trash bag 垃圾袋
  • Oil-based marker 油性筆
  • Emergency water and food* 緊急水和糧食
I only prepared those with * because I think the rest are not that necessary. For the actual emergency bag, they're selling this cool-looking rucksack with shiny aluminum look to it that's said to be less flammable. My friend commented that this could be a great omiyage gift to your overseas friend and wear it as a fashion statement!

我只準備了那些有*的物品,因為覺得其它沒那麼必要。 不過對於那個日本稱為“非常持出袋”的緊急包包,還蠻想買的。除了設計相當可愛以外,不易燃的銀色布料也相當起眼。說不定可以在外國帶著,成為新的流行時尚!

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