Friday, January 28, 2011

Kyushu 8: Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall 雲仙災難館

I was thinking of skipping this review, but I thought the museum's effort to raise awareness about volcanic eruption was rather well done. This small theater show made use of anime and puppet to narrate about what happened 200 years ago, called the "Shimabara Disaster". I was grateful that they had English guides :)
本來不要寫這篇的,但是因為我欣賞災難館為了提高大家對火山災害的意識,所以還是寫了。這小小的劇場使用了動畫和木偶來講述200年前,稱"島原大災害" 的故事。我很感謝他們有英文說明器 :)

This (sony) camera survived the pyroclastic flow during 1991, before the volcano was declared dormant in 1996.

Now it‘s just a peaceful sleeping volcano.

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