Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gotemba Premium Outlet Bargain Sale 2011

This was my 3rd time to the Gotemba Premium Outlet for the bargain sale. My shopping friend was down with Influenza type A, now a rampage in Japan and Singapore, so I took the Premium Outlet Odakyu coach outside Shinjuku station that took me directly to the holy ground.

Thankfully with no red leaves, the journey was much smoother than the previous trip and shorter than 90mins. A magnificent view of Mt. Fuji can be seen from far, even with a clear view of its foothill.

WARNING: Lots of shopping blabbering ahead.




I went back to my favorite restaurant, Mangia Mangia, to get energized first before carrying any shopping bags.
先去我最喜歡的餐廳,Mangia Mangia來補充體力才血拼。

The pizza set was delicious, can't go wrong with prawn mayo pizza! However I shouldn't have ordered the dessert,  too much cheese for a meal.

I thought I could pick up something cheap from GAP but the sale prices were similar with last year's Autumn sale, so I didn't pick up anything new. My winter wear is sufficient now and my crappy dorm's tiny closet is exploding.

Coach, as usual, were giving out their additional 30% off coupons and their designs were definitely better than the ones in California premium outlets. Coach is popular with Japanese women probably due to its cute and classy design. Not bad for Coach to sell for a high premium despite being designed in US, made in China.

Coach每次在折扣季的時候,就會分配額外30%折扣的折扣券。這裡的設計真的比加州premium outlet的還要好看多了。Coach在這裡獲得那麼多女性的喜愛,原因可能是它可愛又典雅的設計吧?雖然是美國設計,中國製,但是竟然可以買那麼貴還真不錯。

I was thinking to purchase some bras but to my dismay, every single design on the Triumph shelves was too lacy, too colorful, too cute and too sweet. Yes, I'm sure majority of Japanese women like cute stuff, but the cuteness was too overwhelming. I even went to the Wacoal outlet and they carried the same lacy cute bras. Why wasn't there something simple without laces!? This is precisely the reason why I prefer European and American clothes because I like classic designs and not cosplay Japanese fashion costumes.


Oh, I noticed this sign in their toilets. My crappy dorm should get a sign like this and pass it to every tenant, then there may be no more sh**y problems.

Sayonara Mt. Fuji, see you again in Spring!

My humble shopping bag at the end of the day, I was a happy gaijin :)
(Although this act had exhausted part of my savings and I have to go on diet from now on.)

I like Belgium chocolates but I'm not sure if 77% cocoa would be too bitter or not.

Bought a few made in Japan Ralph Lauren socks and a pair of plain wool+cashmere gloves.

Purchased this Royal Copenhagen tea cup and saucer set so that I can finish my tea and coffee before classes. Because it was an outlet, there were some imperfections in every piece and hence the discounted price. I thought it was okay because they looked pretty and were made in Denmark, but alas, I didn't know that they'd already shifted production to Thailand. Oh well... (I would have bought the Hermes Nile series if I have more money)

為了每天早上的即時喝完我的紅茶和咖啡,所以買了Royal Copenhagen的茶杯組合。因為是outlet,所以每件陶瓷品都有一定的遐思。我覺得沒關係因為都很漂亮,而且是丹麥製。可惜我回家後才發現這家公司已經把工場移到泰國去了...唉... (有錢的話,真想買Hermes的尼羅河系列茶杯)

I chose the "Blue Copenhagen" series because it was cheaper than the "Blue Flute" and the lines interestingly matched at this angle in the photo, artsy huh?

My most expensive catch was this pair of Tod's shoes. I think Tod's shoes were well-designed and suits my taste. Now I have 2 pairs of Tod's :D
當日最昂貴的就是這雙Tod's鞋子。我覺得這家的鞋子設計都很漂亮,而且適合我。現有2雙Tod's了 :D


  1. 我都忘了還有卡可以刷

  2. 哈,對喔~只是兌換率不好吧?


  3. 你現在很有錢了嗎?? ="=

  4. Zero: 花掉之前是蠻有錢的...

  5. 請問Bargain sale一般是不是會比special sale打更多折?

  6. 我覺得Special Sale好像比較好...不過妳可以查一下它的網站,看看妳喜歡的品牌有沒有參加促銷:)



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