Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tokyo Sky Tree with elderly and toddler

Tokyo Sky Tree
Now that I'd cleared everything from CoFesta, I'm going to travel further back in time about my family trip to Tokyo in September!

Tokyo Sky Tree long queue
As you can see, the queue was pretty long. We had to queue for an hour or so during the afternoon period. It was on 2nd Sep, a weekday!

There were no seats in the hall, so it is bad for elderly with weak legs and toddlers. Luckily we had a stroller (or "baby car" in Japan) and his favourite pocky to curb his tantrums. *BTW my nephew, Lucus, is cute right?"

Tokyo Sky Tree
The elevator design was pretty nice.

Tokyo Sky Tree elevator lift

Tokyo Sky Tree
Awesome view~ You can see Mt.Fuji during clear skies but we couldn't because of the cloudy weather.

Tokyo Sky Tree interactive display
My nephew enjoyed the interactive touchscreen display.

Tokyo Sky Tree glass floor
There was one part where you could step on top of the glass, very scary!!!

Tokyo Sky Tree Sazae
There was this "Sazae-san" Tea House at the mall. This anime is very famous in Japan but not as famous overseas.

Tokyo Sky Tree park
There was also this small garden near the aquarium that you can bring your toddler to stroll. We were the only family there…besides the couples :P

After some rest, we went to a nearby restaurant to eat and the staff were nice to provide utensils for kids. However my nephew tramped around the seats a bit with his shoes on so the waitress appeared a bit disturbed. I would be unhappy too if I were the shop owner but parents allow kids to do that in Singapore… …

Overall our trip was pleasant but was still too hot in early September!


  1. He-he, amazing report.
    I was in Tokyo last January, and missed my trip to Sky Tree. I booked it on-line, but unfortunately wasn't able to make here on-time.

    Looks like Your nephew is very brave if there is no goat around :lol:
    I think it is good business idea 'rent-a-goat'.

    ewww ...

    1. Oh dear, I was thinking if I should book Sky Tree online too, but I was afraid that we couldn't make it there on time. The queue was very long, hope you can make it next time :)

      Where's the goat??? You mean Mt Fuji's fake farm?

    2. Ha-ha-ha! Your nephew looks scared with that goat at Mt Fuji, and ... he is very brave on Sky Tree trip. I thought it would be great idea to rent a goat for a that restaurant owner :lol:


    3. Hahaha, it depends on his mood. He loves cars, trains and digital screens (basically any iPod, iPad, tablet, etc).

      So it doesn't matter where as long as you have these things! :P

  2. Thanks for sharing, it looks nice!



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