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CoFesta Day 3: Difference between a 20,000yen sushi meal and a 2000yen sushi meal

Ginza Sushikoh
I am finally getting into the finale of our whole trip: a grand treat at Ginza Sushikoh, located above Tokyo station on the 35th floor, worth 20,000+++yen! (SGD250/ USD200) My Japanese friend told me that it is a very famous sushi restaurant and is difficult to get a reservation there.

Ginza Sushikoh sushi ginger

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
…waiting for chef to pluck out the bones from our salmon.

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Carefully slicing the tuna!

blue fin tuna Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
It looks like the rare and expensive blue fin tuna!?

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Appetizers are squid, prawn and abalone :))

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Tiny bowl of abalone soup, yummy!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Another appetiser. It was ginkgo nuts season!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
We also ordered Japanese sake (rice wine) but it seems that they have more of the sweet ones and none that is "spicy" (karakuchi 辛口). Maybe sweet wine matches the sushi better? I don't mind because I prefer sweeter sake.

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan blue fin tuna maguro
Close up on the remarkably delicious tuna. And yes, this one really tastes good! Very different from your regular tuna. I was pretty sure it was the fabled blue fin!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Fish and fish roe~

japan tokyo ground wasabi sushi
Real grounded wasabi!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
This is the regular tuna, not bad. But the endangered blue fin was better… now I know why they are endangered...

sushi chart japan
The chef gave us this sushi reference table in english. How nice! They have prepared well for Olympics 2020!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
It also has the words that you use in a sushi restaurant. Such as if you want more ginger, you say "Gari kudasai".

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Ootoro (fatty tuna) sushi!

Not into shell and clam sushi… it was ok.

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Very very very DELICIOUS salted grilled fatty tuna!!!! The chef even said that the wasabi has no effect at all because of these fats!

I was so full that I had to ask for less rice. But nevertheless, the chef assured me that he gave me the same amount of sea urchin (uni). It tasted really fresh and sweet!!!

The chef's original sushi, mushroom sushi with citron flavour?

Delicious anago (sea eel) sushi.

Soup was given at the end of our course, and this is when we are given the chance to order *anything* we like!!!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
So I ordered grilled fatty tuna again :P
This got to be my favourite: teriyaki sauce grilled fatty tuna! NUMBER ONE!!!

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
Delicious ikura (salmon roe) sushi!!!

Me and my French neighbour ordering ootoro again :P
Ootoro and Uni are the most expensive sushi so if you order them, it's like you have deep pockets :)

The egg omelette (mixed with sweet potato, etc.) behind was awesome too!
I finally could not eat anymore and worried about puking out all the good stuff. So sadly, I got to stop :)

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan Cofesta
We filled the counter seats! From left: Edgar, Namira, Kaika, Gemilang, Laura/Nikita, Sebastien, Me :P, Najib, Angie, Khay, Tony, Wendy/Xiaxue, Ashley, Alodia.

Ginza Sushikoh sushi tokyo japan
And the sushi chef that made our night unforgettable!

I was skeptical if I could taste the difference between a 20,000yen sushi meal and a 2000yen sushi meal, that was why I never could bear to enter into a high class sushi restaurant. But this time, I must say, there is a big difference indeed! It really pays if you can afford to try, the quality is really different. We were so lucky that our meal was fully sponsored!!! :DDDD

So as promised, I will compare this meal with the cheaper sushi meals that I had eaten in Tokyo:

Regular sushi bento from supermarket (798yen/SG$10/US$8):
Sea urchin(uni) was not as fresh and sweet. However, they were good enough for me during my first two years in Japan, until I saved enough for more expensive meals like below↓

Ala carte sushi meal at a regular sushi restaurant in Tsukiji (2000yen):
It already tasted fantastic to me, but Ginza Sushikoh had set my benchmark to new heights!

That is all from my sponsored CoFesta trip! Special thanks to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) of Japan for sponsoring and REVAMP corp (especially Yone and Berekk) for organising our itinerary there. I hope that there will be another sponsored trip to Japan again :P

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PS. There is another thing that I learnt from this trip, especially from celebrity bloggers and cosplayers. You can look ordinary but become beautiful with smartphone apps. I must get my hands on one when I upgrade my plan xD


  1. AHHHHHH.... I am so jealous ;)

    When I was in LA, there were lotsa Japanese restaurants there and I can also test the difference in the Japanese food there as compared to the ones in Singapore (most of them not as good as I would like, including Sakae Sushi's Japanese food) XD

    1. Sakae Sushi… back when they just opened around 15 years ago, it was good. But as time passes by… either our standard increased or their standard dropped :P
      But anyway kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi cannot be compared with restaurant grade sushi :P~~

  2. Tasting 20.000 yes suchi is like flying in first class, one you taste it it is hard to accept the crappy old economy seat/regular sushi :P

    1. YES! Sadly true creepo…
      But if I can't afford anymore first class, I would have to accept just economy or budget...

    2. I would say not accept the economy or budget but accept our condition of not ebing the 1% and deal with the cruel reality :D

    3. Awww…. At least be more optimistic, try to get into that 1% XD



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