Monday, November 11, 2013

Bathing habits in US, Singapore and Japan

You are never alone in Japan :P
*PS. Monkeys don't drink and you can only find them at Nagano's onsen (hot spring).


  1. Ha-ha ...

    Picture about USA is not correct. I mean, all bath tubes here are so shallow, they could not fit a human-being of normal complexion. It was big shock for me, when I came to states and found that disaster here. I experienced that shock second time when I came to Japan, lol, bath tubes here even smaller.

    About monkeys - it is all truth, I saw them, even drunk with them ...


    1. LOL Japanese bath tubs are smaller but deeper. But if US tubs cannot fit you that means… Japanese tubs can only bath your feet XD

      I'm envious that you drank with the monkeys, I should bring liquor to onsen some day XD



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