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CoFesta Day 2: TIMM Tokyo International Music Market Showcase Live 2013

TIMM Tokyo International Music Market Showcase Live 2013
We attended TIMM Showcase Live event (23 Oct) from 4.30pm till 9+pm, a solid 5 hours of live Japanese music!!! This concert was organised for international buyers so the artistes were chosen by their record labels to promote to overseas market. Each artiste/group were allowed to invite a limited number of their own fans to the event. We were invited to sit at the second floor so we won't tweet about how tired our legs were from standing :P

No performances were allowed to be posted online so I'll just post this, which is ambiguous… (the above is from Alice10Ban/Steam girls: Kamen Jyoshi, link can be found at the bottom)

The performances were mostly awesome but the music was too loud at the back... Some artistes tried to acknowledge the presence of international audience but the majority at the floor were Japanese so they reacted little to the speeches. Despite this, I had a great time enjoying live music and watching fans interacting with the artistes :)

We were invited to stay for the after-party, when we could take photo with the artistes and post them online. However, we were already starving although the organisers tried to feed us with onigiri (rice balls) and bread during the performances...

Artistes who stayed back were invited one by one to give a brief speech to the international buyers.

Love her dress :)

Must take a photo with Kaname Kawabata-san ^o^ He is a member from Chemistry, a duo group. I bought 3 albums from Chemistry before: "fo(u)r", "The Way We Are" and "Second to None". Great voice and dancing~~~ (He even had an assistant who helped us take photos and check if the photos we took were okay!)

I also took a photo with Mayu Wakisaka, an emerging song writer and singer with a great voice! She told us that the organisers gave a presentation to introduce us (the CoFesta ambassadors) and she remembered each of us. She even visited my page and messaged me ^^

She was very friendly and gave us each a copy of her demo CD. Her songs are all in English and very soothing to listen. You can find out more here:
or subscribe to her Youtube channel:

Here is the list of artistes who performed:
1. Yuko Suzuhana w/ Japanese traditional instruments
★I enjoyed their performance very much (maybe because I used to play Chinese traditional instrument) but this category of music is very niche.

2. Mayu Wakisaka
★Her voice is very good and her songs are all in English. Her performance was subdued because of the louder band before her.

3. Little Glee Monster
★I enjoyed their performance because they were innovative in using some simple props to make their performance unique.

4. Ito Kanako
★She has a good voice too and sung an anime song before but I'm not sure about the dancing...

5. Sunmyu
★Another girl group... (this explains why there were more guys than girls on the floor)

6. Alice10Ban/Steam girls: Kamen Jyoshi
★I was impressed by their performance and props, which was very different from other girl groups, but another girl group?

7. Yui Matsushita
★I think her voice is very cute and suitable for anime songs.

★Another girl group… but their voice and music is extremely high pitch and cute, appealing to anime fans.


9. Shishido Kavka
★ She drums and sings at the same time, very cool! Of course, I am pretty sure she can endorse for a shampoo too :P

10. Buffalo Daughter
★This is special genre of music...

11. Moumoon
★Good vocals, music and fan interaction. They seem very popular in France now because my French ambassador (a TV channel's CEO) behind me was cheering when they came out… ...

12. The MAN
★A band that uses trumpet and saxophone, very special.

★Appealing image and their music reminds me of Avex Trax music.

14. Unison Square Garden
★I am not a fan of boy group, but my Singaporean junior was going crazy over them because she thinks they are cute and handsome. One of them studied in Singapore before too.

15. So' Fly
★I think the closest competitor would be CREAM because both of them sings well and raps...

16. Okamoto's
★Music sounds like country folk pop?

17. Kaname Kawabata
★Ok like I said before, he is my favourite :P

If you had missed my previous blog posts about my CoFesta experience, here they are:
Hope you like the music that I had linked to. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Diwali to my Hindu readers!


  1. Quick much info I am processing bit by bit...BUT have been reading.

    You did great work as ambassador

    1. Thanks Creepo! You and Ewww disappeared for a while!!!
      (BTW EWW Creepo sounds like a good match)

    2. Yeah I have been trying to be an entrepreneur and is taking its toll on my personal time.

      I have the feeling Ewww will come back evetually as well. If we subtract the o in Creepo it will even sound more hilarious "Ewww Creep!" hahaha

    3. LOL, EWWW CREEP! Haha
      Yes being an entrepreneur is tough. I'm trying to setup my business now and there was a survey asking me about my income… and I was a bit embarrassed to choose below $1000...

  2. Ok a follow comment. It a bit annoying that they show you guys this bands as International Music Showcase to promote this bands to the international markets, yet when I try to search, buy the songs or anything to try and get the songs well istore for instance doesn't list the ones I like the most, amazon just sell the full CD that are imported and basically, it is all merchendised for Asia...soo I guess the internationalization market is just for Asia, am I wrong?

    I also found out that the name Wakkagi Band stands out more than Yuko Suzuhana and yes, damn difficult to find someway to get the music.

    1. Yes, actually they are over protective about their privacy and content. For example, they should allow us to film their live concert so we can upload to youTube and pass the word around (or they should have an official youtube channel that will post the live concert). How are we supposed to promote them to international market if we can't post any recording especially when it's music?

      I feel that they have the wrong mindset for monetization in current times (their mindset is still trapped in no-social media age). They are afraid that people will not buy their music if they can watch on youtube for free. But now famous singers found out that they could gain more popularity on youTube and get back the money through iTunes sale, live concert tickets, TV show appearances and merchandise. Then use those profit to invest in other business so they can have a passive income and retire eventually. That is what I think is the new business model for artistes.

      About buying in iTunes, I agree Japanese are behind that as well, probably due to some copyright issues with the labels. Either they do not know how or they still want to focus on domestic market. I do not think the market is for Asia, as you know, people don't really buy content over here, but they will pay lots for a live concert.

    2. Agreed, Japanese companies really have to change their mindset and if they invest in a big thing like this for internationalization they should really focus on "what are we going to do with that information" because as far as I can see, they are just wasting money. Now the problem is that you made me like Yuko Suzuhana a bit too much, now I am thinking on buying that damn expensive imported CD... :(

    3. Yes they want to promote Japanese content but they don't know how to do it. That's why they are looking for opportunities overseas. Anyway I hope they will fund me again next year XD

      And oops! Sorry about the Yuko Suzuhana addict XD
      They just released a mini album with 5 songs but I can't even find them on the Japanese iTunes store! So… I think it's better for you to wait and listen to youtube for the time being :P



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