Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CoFesta Day 3: Digital Contents Expo 2013

Ok, this is going to be a very techie post. We started day three with an early morning tour of Digital Contents Expo held at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(日本科学未来館), which is located in Odaiba area on 24th Oct. We got to enter before it was open to public and the first exhibit was this virtual reality flight experience:

Everyone who tried it felt it was very real, as if you're really swinging in the air! I wanted to try it but I was worried about my half-digested breakfast… (Developer: http://www.solidray.co.jp) The pink hair model in the video is our Singapore celebrity blogger Xiaxue.

We were also introduced to this really cool and CUTE presentation of a virtual reality chick, which can cast a shadow and jump on actual physical obstacles!!! You can find out more about this lab here (in Japanese only): http://www.nae-lab.org

This one is a special filter lens that allows you to see another side of the image.

Yes! Love the muscles and anatomy!!! (because I'm an artist)

These sensors could react to heat so the fur could feel "real" or "alive".

They tried to demonstrate the strength of this structure and proposed it for architecture. But I was more interested to see if we could lie on it to test its strength and practicality :P

Wanted to know what this robot was doing but they were in a middle of an interview.

You could shake hand with Miku in virtual reality… well… for otaku?

And this one makes you believe that endless amount of karaage (fried chicken) were coming out of your hands! (lll  ̄∀ ̄)...

We were finally at the end of the tour and landed up at an atrium.

We dashed to lie down on these sofas to look at the digital globe above, but later realised that we had to take off our shoes… oops, sorry!!!

That's it for my "most educational tour" in CoFesta. If you had missed my previous blog posts about my CoFesta experience, here they are!!! Of course, there are a few more more to come…so much backlog...



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