Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Japanese Fruits 日本水果

In Japan, oranges and apples are the major domestic fruits but the sales for them has been declining. Replacing them in the fruits sales chart is bananas from South-east Asia. I'm not a big fan of bananas, but if you want a convenient fruit to eat when you're lazy to wash hands or grab a knife, bananas are your best choice.

Cherries 櫻桃
The cherries season is usually in the spring season around April. Japanese cherries are smaller and more reddish than the Californian cherries. Oddly, Japanese cherries are more expensive than their Californian counterparts and tasted more sour. For example, one small box of Japanese cherries costs 700yen but the Californian cherries costs 450yen. I'll prefer the Californian cherries anytime.

Grapes 葡萄
Grapes usually appear around August till September with those from Nagano prefecture being the most famous. I bought the Shinshu grapes which costs 300yen (in the picture). WOW, it was sure sweet! They were so tasty that I bought a second helping. Maybe because the stronger sun this year increased their sweetness, or it was true that the farmers made sure that only one bunch was grown from one plant, hence getting the full nourishment.
葡萄通常在8月到9月之間出現,以長野的葡萄最為出名。這盒信州產葡萄賣300yen。 味道實在是好~~~甜!美味到我又去買第二盒~。如此的甜度不知是不是因為今年的強烈太陽所造成,還是傳說中農夫們都只讓一棵植物長出一束葡萄的結果?

Apples 蘋果
There are so many different kind of apples in Japan but the best one I like is the Fuji apple. Sadly, it is also seasonal and only appeared in spring... Apples are pretty expensive too, a large apple may cost 200yen and a bag of 5 apples will cost 600yen. Large and expensive doesn't mean that it is more tasty.

Honeydews 哈密瓜
I received this pretty honeydew from my Shizuoka homestay. Shizuoka prefecture is renowned for its honeydews. It was so sweet that I finished the entire melon in just two days! Burp!

Peaches 桃
Peaches also appear around summer with Fukushima being the most well known for its peaches. I bought two of them when I was there for volunteer program and they were the best peaches that I'd ever tasted!

The fabled Watermelons 傳說中的西瓜
Yes, Japan is famous for its expensive fruits, especially WATERMELONS! The worst part is, they tasted just like our regular cheap ones sold in Asia!!! One decent sized melon would cost anywhere between 999yen (if there's a sale) to 2000yen! One of my classmates was so annoyed that she declared that once she head home, she'll gorge on watermelons every single damn day, even if it means getting diarrhea. Now that's the spirit!
沒錯,日本的水果簡直就是“世界級”的價格,尤其是西瓜!簡直是貴到~X@$%&!!! 最難理解的是,它們的味道竟然和在亞洲賣的便宜西瓜沒什麼兩樣!一粒普通大小的西瓜可售價888yen到2000yen之間!我的同學氣到聲稱回國後一定要每天狂吃西瓜,即使拉肚子還得繼續吃!

PS: According to Japanese in the scholarship organization, cuboid watermelons are not to be eaten but to be "admired" at home.  I'll save that money for more sushi.
PS: 根據獎學金集團的日本人,方形西瓜不是買來吃的,而是買來“欣賞”的。我寧願省下那筆錢買更多壽司。


  1. 看到巨峰我有雀躍的感覺......

  2. Zero: 你該不會是在想著巨...乳吧......

  3. 台灣的巨峰也粉好吃歐


  4. Tina: 真的喔?改天有錢又有空時去台北找妳玩喔~~~

  5. Wahhh~~ this post makes me appreciate watermelons in spore even more but I envy that you could try those juicy jap grapes! Yum yum!

  6. Yes! I'm going to eat watermelons when I'm back!
    Bought the grapes today again, it was on sale 300yen (usual 400yen)! :P



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